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22582Programing WUHU to upload to my website

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  • randazt1
    Nov 11, 2013
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      Now that the previous issue of WUHU not receiving my info from the console (again it was my console that was the issue, NOT the WUHU program), I need to configure the WUHU program so that the weather information will update to my website.

      Here is my action file:
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx1.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\index.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx2.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx2.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx3.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx3.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx4.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx4.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx5.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx5.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx6.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx6.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx7.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx7.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx8.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx8.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx9.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx9.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx10.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx10.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx11.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx11.html"
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx12.txt" "c:\program files\wuhu\html\wx12.html"
      ftp://*********:**********@ftp.*******.com "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\index.html" "/wuhu/index.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx2.html" "/wuhu/wx2.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx3.html" "/wuhu/wx3.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx4.html" "/wuhu/wx4.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx5.html" "/wuhu/wx5.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx6.html" "/wuhu/wx6.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx7.html" "/wuhu/wx7.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx8.html" "/wuhu/wx8.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx9.html" "/wuhu/wx9.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx10.html" "/wuhu/wx10.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx11.html" "/wuhu/wx11.html" "C:\Program Files\wuhu\HTML\wx12.html" "/wuhu/wx12.html"

      These files were the same ones I used prior and seem to be fine.

      I have placed the actual WUHU program into the file:
      C:\Program Files\WUHU

      What file(s) do I need to place in the following areas of the WUHU interface:

      HeaveyWeather Currdat.LST Output File Configuration (INI Text File Output)
      PLEASE NOTE, I have the Write Currdat.lst checked, as well as, Write Extended Data  I just don't know what FILE i should be using

      WUHU Operation Alarms/Actions
      On HISTORY Update**
      Action on Activation 
      What file needs to go here?

      WUHU Operations Alarms/Actions
      On Weather Update
      What file(s) need to go here?

      Not worried about audible alarms, and I don't think i need to worry about Action on Deactivation either

      Again this is just to get my weather information updated to my website.

      Thanks for all the help in advance


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