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  • Don Lafferty
    Nov 8 10:46 PM
      You do NOT need the weatherlink subscription.  You do need the WeatherLink but WUHU talks to it just fine.  I went with a Vantage Pro2 about 6 months or so ago and never looked back.  If you don't mind spending the money you do get the best.

      On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 9:21 PM, <doug.cheney@...> wrote:

      My story is similar but I solved it for $100.  I have a LaCrosse (sorry don't recall the model and can't check it right now). I bought that particular model because of the wireless and web connectivity and price was tough to ignore ($80 at Costco vs $239 at LaCrosse). But you get what you pay for- hygrometer, temp sensor, rain gauge have all worked great and batteries last a couple of years. Anemometer has been a mess. Has never synch'd reliably and it was basically worn out after a year.


      Went looking at new stations (not LaCrosse) but got to thinking about my Dad's Davis Weather Monitor 2 located same site as mine with the Davis anemometer spinning away for 15 yrs without a hitch! However it does not have the weatherlink box that enables data storage and they are no longer availabe from Davis for the Weather Monitor and Weather Wizard products. I watched ebay until a station came along that had the weather link hardware. Bought it for $100, plugged it in, wasted a lot of time with the Davis software until I figured out WUHU would talk to it directly did some minor configuration of WUHU and bingo- works great plus I now have lots of spare parts. I just needed the weatherlink HW but seems to me this vintage of Davis full stations sell in the $150 range on ebay. Downside is no wireless.


      I'm new at this but I see no reason to pay Davis to use their server if you don't want to use their service. You need the weatherlink HW but on software side seems to me WUHU has it all. WUHU documentation is a little obtuse but everything needed to publish my data, feed custom html pages etc seems to be in WUHU if you look for it. I don't even run weatherlink software.


      The Davis and LaCrosse consoles now sit side by side. I agree with the prior comment that Davis seems more responsive on temp and pressure. I haven't looked at frequency of update but Davis seems to be really fast. Much faster than the LaCrosse that I have.


      ---In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, <jwpetrov@...> wrote:

      Hello all:

      Currently, I have a LaCrosse station and it has been working OK. However, the time has come to upgrade the station and I'm thinking of a Davis station. Over the past several years, I've really enjoyed having my station uploading data to WU. I definitely want to continue doing this.

      I have a few questions. A call to Davis was less than I would have hoped. I don't believe what I was told was accurate. Hence, I decided to ask some "real" experts.

      So, I'm trying to decide between the Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2, both wireless. I've seen a few reviews stating that the Pro provides more accurate temp readings when in full sun. I was hoping the standard radiation shield would be sufficient. However, I see fans can be added later.

      From what I can determine, I'll need either the WeatherLinkIP or WeatherLink in order to upload the data to WU. (The Davis rep also told me I'd need an annual $30 WeatherLink subscription... not sure that was accurate.)

      Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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