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22474Re: [wuhu_software_group] Time to Upgrade Weather Station

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  • Don Lafferty
    Sep 20, 2013
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      I believe the Vue has the wind sensors integrated in a single unit but the Pro 2 can be separated so you can put the wind sensors on your roof if you want.  That's what I did with mine.

      I've never wished for my LaCrosse back, or my OS for that matter.

      On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 7:23 PM, Mark <muce1@...> wrote:


      I don't know if there is a forum archives, but if you look back a bit, I was in the same position as you, except one of the components on my LaCrosse WS-2813U-IT died. (That's my assumption because I couldn't get it to resync -- hard or soft.) It was 2.5 years after purchase, so I wasn't distraught. I looked at the Davis stations and considered them, however I was concerned about the cluster of instruments on one mount. I didn't look into it far enough to see if you can break them apart, but it didn't seem like it. My situation was that I have a shady section of my yard where I could get quite accurate temp readings in full sun (in AZ, where we have FULL sun), 6 ft. off the ground as prescribed by the experts. I have my rain gauge in as open an area as can be found in my yard, and I have the AWV mounted above the chimney about 20 ft. off the ground.

      The idea of having to buy a fan on top of everything else, put me off of the Davis. Then there was the cost. While I don't doubt they are more accurate, I think there is far more variability in location, radiant energy through the radiation shield, and other environmental factors than you'd ever get from the instrument itself, unless you were going to build a compliant Stevenson box. For example, having a tile roof and a Davis mounted on the chimney at the east end of my house, I'm sure the temp readings with a Davis would be overstated, especially with a slight breeze from the west picking up all the heat from the tiles.

      Now speaking about the LaCrosse, I compare barometric pressure readings with three nearby airports. I find that my pressure readings are a little low at the high end of the range and a little high at the low end of the range, by maybe a few hundreths at either end. I also have a feeling that the anemometer doesn't quite register the full wind speed under very windy conditions, but there's no easy way to verify that.

      Overall, though, I've been happy enough with the LaCrosse WS-2813U-IT that I bought another one on eBay for just over $100. It saved me having to load a bunch of software and configure it, because it was still loaded. It also saved me about $500 compared to the Davis instruments. And, it saved me and a lot of running upstairs. You see, I found that I could sync both weather stations with the outdoor components, so I have the original one conveniently located in the master bedroom and synced up to my USB receiver in the computer room across the hall, and now the second one downstairs. And, I have spare parts, some of which I can use to troubleshoot if I have a future problem.

      FYI, from a conversation with LaCrosse, even though the components look identical, you have to get the same model number or the components won't talk to each other.


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      Hello all:

      Currently, I have a LaCrosse station and it has been working OK. However, the time has come to upgrade the station and I'm thinking of a Davis station. Over the past several years, I've really enjoyed having my station uploading data to WU. I definitely want to continue doing this.

      I have a few questions. A call to Davis was less than I would have hoped. I don't believe what I was told was accurate. Hence, I decided to ask some "real" experts.

      So, I'm trying to decide between the Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2, both wireless. I've seen a few reviews stating that the Pro provides more accurate temp readings when in full sun. I was hoping the standard radiation shield would be sufficient. However, I see fans can be added later.

      From what I can determine, I'll need either the WeatherLinkIP or WeatherLink in order to upload the data to WU. (The Davis rep also told me I'd need an annual $30 WeatherLink subscription... not sure that was accurate.)

      Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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