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22471RE: Time to Upgrade Weather Station

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  • marcelcanine
    Sep 20 4:15 PM

      Any difference between a VUE and a VP2 will probably depend on location more than the sensor shields.    If you are going to get the aspirated VP2 it is much cheaper to buy it preinstalled rather than to add it later.


      You will need a Data Logger My opinion is that the USB one is the most flexable and gives you the most options.  


      You do not need the subscription if you buy an IP data logger.     You would need one if you get any other logger but the Davis site is poor at best and most people do not upload to there anyway.


      I use a VP2 with USB logger and WUHU software.  It works just fine.       If you do buy be sure and read the weather link manual and set the logger to serial mode rather than USB mode if you are going to use WUHU or any other third party software.   If you set it to the USB mode it will only work with Weather link software. Which is OK but I would bet as a former WUHU user you will prefer WUHU.  

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      I have the vantage Vue.  Yes, I know I needed the Weatherlink.  I am not paying any $30 subscription.  Not sure where that is coming from.


      KMNMARSH2  is the station call letters.




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      Hello all:


      Currently, I have a LaCrosse station and it has been working OK. However, the time has come to upgrade the station and I'm thinking of a Davis station. Over the past several years, I've really enjoyed having my station uploading data to WU. I definitely want to continue doing this.


      I have a few questions. A call to Davis was less than I would have hoped. I don't believe what I was told was accurate. Hence, I decided to ask some "real" experts.


      So, I'm trying to decide between the Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2, both wireless. I've seen a few reviews stating that the Pro provides more accurate temp readings when in full sun. I was hoping the standard radiation shield would be sufficient. However, I see fans can be added later.


      From what I can determine, I'll need either the WeatherLinkIP or WeatherLink in order to upload the data to WU. (The Davis rep also told me I'd need an annual $30 WeatherLink subscription... not sure that was accurate.)


      Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.



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