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22469Time to Upgrade Weather Station

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  • Jed Petrovich
    Sep 20, 2013
      Hello all:

      Currently, I have a LaCrosse station and it has been working OK. However, the time has come to upgrade the station and I'm thinking of a Davis station. Over the past several years, I've really enjoyed having my station uploading data to WU. I definitely want to continue doing this.

      I have a few questions. A call to Davis was less than I would have hoped. I don't believe what I was told was accurate. Hence, I decided to ask some "real" experts.

      So, I'm trying to decide between the Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro2, both wireless. I've seen a few reviews stating that the Pro provides more accurate temp readings when in full sun. I was hoping the standard radiation shield would be sufficient. However, I see fans can be added later.

      From what I can determine, I'll need either the WeatherLinkIP or WeatherLink in order to upload the data to WU. (The Davis rep also told me I'd need an annual $30 WeatherLink subscription... not sure that was accurate.)

      Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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