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22425RE: why is the uploader program showing 49,000+days...

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  • boringlarry
    Aug 29, 2013
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      the message that was displayed said (without the date and time of the occurrence normal type of mouseover display...) 27000 days, 17 hours, 37 minutes, insert whatever numbers they really were, but the 27 plus thousand days was one of them; just looked at my wunderground page today that had an error message about time with the last occurrence 10 days ago, which is when that was happening....  

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      As someone else mentioned, when you hover over the updates field, this shows the number of times that the station was polled for data divided by the number of attempts to acquire that data. This does not represent days.

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      > it's a davis vantage pro 2, and what i meant was on the various highs and lows for each measurement, when you hover over the uploader it would say it's been 27,000+ days since that measurement occurred....
      > I checked it this morning again and everything seems to be back to reading what it should for time and date of each measurement...kinda wierd...
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      > > ...on various (when they occurred) highs and lows for various measurements...up from 27,000+ days a couple days ago?..and what information do i need to supply to figure why this is???
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