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2204v190, rainfall total reset detection, ignoring console errors duringWWVB sync.

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  • wuhu_software
    Apr 1, 2006
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      I have made a couple of modifications to WUHU.

      Firstly, I have added code that will detect a rainfall total reset.
      When the rainfall total reset is detected, previous records are
      ignored when calculating daily rainfall. This will also affect the
      1HR and 24HR rainfall calculated by WUHU if you are using the
      overrides in the tweak section.

      If you do not have the rainfall calculation overrides set in the
      tweak box, you will have mixed results. In this case, although the
      daily rainfall will be correct, the 1HR and 24HR will reflect the
      data previously recorded from the console.

      My advice is that if you are going to reset your rainfall total, use
      the overrides.

      In general, if you are reseting the rainfall total, you should reset
      the 1HR and 24HR rain totals as well.

      Note that whenever you reset the rainfall total, the data uploaded
      will not accurately reflect the actual rainfall that has occurred
      (assuming that it did rain in the past 24 hours). The reason for this
      is that the rainfall total is key to calculating the daily rainfall
      (and 1HR and 24HR if using the overrides). If you delete this
      information, it is impossible to correctly report what has actually

      WUHU will use those records that are considered valid by detecting
      when the rainfall has increased in the history, in which case that
      data will be ignored. In this way, your data will be accurate only
      after a 24 hour period has elapsed since the reset.

      When reseting the rainfall total, the lows, highs, and averages over
      the past 24 hours will also contain a mixture of old and new data. I
      have decided to not erase this data as it may be useful for graphing.

      This mixture of old and new data is unavoidable unless you delete the
      previous 24 hour history.

      I have added this code in an attempt to not upload bogus data however
      there is no clean way to deal with the rainfall total reset. The best
      method may be to quit WUHU, delete the "WUHU 24 Hour History.dat"
      file contained within the WUHU Programs folder. Using this method,
      you can be sure that bogus uploads will not occur however you will be
      losing all rain data for the past 24 hours.

      I therefore recommend that you do not reset the rainfall totals
      unless it is unavoidable or at the end of the year.

      Also in this release, I have added code to ignore console errors
      during WWVB time syncs. These can occur a couple minutes before and
      after each hour (depending how closely your PC time is synced with
      the console time) from 12AM to 6AM. The result is these errors will
      no longer be reported in the log. Note that the console alarms will
      also not be activated during these times.

      This version, v190, is available for Beta testing.

      Download page:

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