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  • Kris Olmstead, W2FLR
    Feb 9, 2013
      Good Day to All,

      Recently, I've had an issue with my action file (maybe). I have it
      FTP'ing my HTML code to a remote web server. It's been working great
      since I threw it up last weekend but all of a sudden yesterday it
      started misbehaving. It uploads to the server but after a minute, one
      file at a time, it changes the file size to zero then deletes the file.
      All 9 files get deleted after 10 minutes.

      Nothing changed on my side and I've included a copy of my action file in
      case anyone can see an error.

      Again, this worked great for a week, then went belly-up yesterday.

      Thanks for looking.
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx1.txt" "c:\program
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx2.txt" "c:\program
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx3.txt" "c:\program
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx4.txt" "c:\program
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx5.txt" "c:\program
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx6.txt" "c:\program
      template:"c:\program files\wuhu\templates\wx7.txt" "c:\program

      WUHU_Tweet.exe "%TimeDateExcel%|Temp %OutdoorTempDegF% F|Hum:
      %OutdoorHumidity% %|Pres %OutdoorPressureRelativeINHG% "|24Hr Rain
      %OutdoorRain24HrIN% "|Winds %OutdoorWindDirectionLetters%
      %OutdoorWindAverageSpeedMPH% MPH|Windchill: %OutdoorWindchillF% F"

      ftp://USERNAME:PASSWORD@... "C:\Program Files\WUHU\HTML\*.*" "\"
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