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21587Re: Communications Error or invalid/corrupt data

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  • Ken
    Jan 11, 2013
      Heath and I went over this topic many moons ago. Since I've changed stations. It is still an intermittent "problem" with reported errors similar in nature.

      I noted that it is often in a similar time-frame. One possibility is server maintenance in the nighttime hours. There is a lot of data streaming and the real-time nature would stress a server bank if fewer resources were temporarily unavailable to service the data stream.

      I haven't bothered with the "problem" other than to occasionally clear the log. As a former programmer, I recognize that an intermittent failure is one of the hardest to diagnose and service. In this case it just doesn't seem worth the effort. The charts maintain adequate reporting during such outage periods. Should there be noticeable gaps (straight line chart periods) indicating longer term failure, I might raise a concern.

      It could be any number of things. The processor in the display isn't accessible for trouble shooting except by LaCross. It may be that it errors and resets without any info being passed to Heath's package. That leaves him unable to process for the error beyond what he is doing.
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