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  • Bob Tyszka
    Jan 1, 2013
          I have had my LaCrosse 2308 for about 8 years and posting to the web via WUHU for about 7 years. 

          I have the data posted to all the sites available through WUHU.  I figure that the more sites it is posted to the more people might use it.  That could be someone coming to visit a friend or relative in town or someone who might be moving to town.  Or maybe it might be the NWS to modify their forecasts and models or a university doing research.  One of the local real estate offices has a link to WU for local weather. 

          Mark, if you are in junior high and interested in weather, due well in your math courses.  The math is the foundation to getting a degree in meteorology.  If you would like to learn more on the practical use of weather, get in touch with a local hot air balloon pilot.  Balloons are more sensitive to small weather changes than most other aircraft and pilots are always looking for crew people.

      Bob Tyszka
      California City, CA
      CW9012 / KCACALIF5

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California City, California Forecast

      On 1/1/13 1:41 PM, Mark wrote:

      Having finally posted to the group after having my Lacrosse WS-2813U-IT for a year, I was wondering what you meteorologists think of the various WUHU weather services. I signed on with Weather Underground and have been pretty happy with them both on my PC (despite the new screen layout) and Android (which doesn’t seem to update automatically). Is there a reason to sign up with WeatherBug, PWSWeather, AWEKAS and CWOP?


      I was a weather geek in junior high and remember a lot of what I read, forgot a lot, too, but still consider myself fairly weather-technical if that makes a difference.


      Mark Stephenson

      WeatherUnderground: KAZPHOEN140




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