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21226Re: generic wuhu site BB?

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  • marcelcanine
    Oct 2, 2012
      I presume you are talking about the radar map. It does not belong to Weather Underground but to the National weather service.

      Mine returns to the same map everytime and shows my favorite locations.

      The save function there is to save the map as a file or so that you can print it out to use it for comparisons at a later time it is no a page save function.

      You are proably not getting answers from WU because they were bought by Weather Channle Companies (what ever that is) back in July. after that the help group was reduced/changed and they now seem to have less time to respond to help tickets and only to those that are of some importance.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "don_wa5ngp" <don_wa5ngp@...> wrote:
      > ok, off topic but here we go.
      > I look at wundermap a lot.
      > I always
      > check
      > storm vectors
      > show precipitation instead of wind and temp.
      > I click save preferences but it always comes back to the same defaults.
      > Also it would be nice if when I go to my particular map view that setting of map coverage would also be saved so when I come back another day I see the same view.
      > I'll try asking the question on that help window you mentioned.
      > I use firefox ver 15.01. I have not tried explorer lately, I'll give it another try.
      > Don
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