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21220Re: [wuhu_software_group] Gust and currdat.lst

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  • Joseph Kareh
    Sep 29, 2012
      Hi don, 

      Me as well, sent 2 emails to lacrosse, same respond for my mails, 
      "We will report thus issue to..." Really i don't know why these guys are
      Lazy, especially that ws2810 is their newest ws!! And lots of people are complaining of this windgust issue, hope someone in lacrosse read these chats and proceed fixing this problem. 

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      On Sep 29, 2012, at 9:32 PM, Don Keating <eobic@...> wrote:


      HUGE mistake by LaCrosse. I've addressed this issue with them at least three times in the past, and through at least three seperate e-mail in a two week period. After the second they quit responding, big surprise there! HA! I told them many of their customers were likely not happy with that issue and wanted an update to address the situation. They said they'd "talk" about the issue in the future if it comes up. What??!! Guaranteed I'll never EVER purchase another of their stations, period. I won't even suggest them to anyone I know.


      From: Joseph Kareh <josephkareh@...>
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      Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 12:46 PM
      Subject: [wuhu_software_group] Gust and currdat.lst

      Hi all

      I'm using weather display software connected to the heavy weather of my ws2811, i was surprised that My gust speed in weather display all time is same as wind speed. After investigation i knew that HW did mention the gust in the currdat.lst thus wd will not recognize the gust but only speed.
      Guess its a big mistake by lacrosse...

      Any suggestions


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