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  • John Celenza
    Aug 3, 2012
      Ok, I have to jump in :-)  too tempted.

      Weather Services in Europe aren't very open. Over there, it's very much different than our NWS and NOAA which provide tons of free data including weather station conditions.

      So, this service is great for getting data out there.

      Of course, working at Wunderground, I don't feel like our data has moved from underground to above ground :-) We allow free access to the uploaded data via API calls (just check out the right bar of your weather station history page).  Plus, we have a growing number of perks for weather station contributors such as making custom forecast for the stations and providing archiving services for the entire history of your station.

      I wouldn't worry about the units, for the OpenWeather folks, I'm sure it's an easy fix/addition. The service looks cool. It of course got me thinking "we have to provide even more services to our PWS contributors!"


      On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 10:33 AM, Sander Pool <sander_pool@...> wrote:


      I report to Weather Underground and APRS using wuhu but it's not showing
      up on OpenWeather. The API is easy enough and I didn't see that they
      mine other sources but maybe they do.

      I suppose with weather underground no longer being underground
      OpenWeather sees, well, an opening.

      Sander W1SOP

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