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  • John Liss
    Aug 3, 2012
      If anyone wants to sign up and post stuff to openweathermap.org

      In a nutshell have WUHU run curl.

      curl -d 'temp=20&humidity=&lat=49.11&long=24.11&alt=200' --user 'username:pass' http://openweathermap.org/data/post

      They are expecting:
      • wind_dir - wind direction, grad
      • wind_speed - wind speed, mps
      • temp - temperature, grad C
      • humidity - relative humidity, %
      • pressure - atmosphere pressure
      • wind_gust - speed of wind gust, mps
      • rain_1h - rain in recent hour, mm
      • rain_24h - rain in recent 24 hours, mm
      • rain_today - rain today, mm
      • snow - snow in recent 24 hours, mm
      • lum - illumination, W/M²
      • lat - latitude
      • long - longitude
      • alt - altitude, m
      • radiation - radiation
      • dewpoint - dewpoint
      • uv - UV index

      Download curl here for windows:
      It is under the Win32 section

      Add this to your action file, update the lat, long, alt, and --user settings below to your values.
      Note this is all on one line:

      curl -d 'lat=your lat&long=your long&alt=your alt&wind_dir=%[wind_direction]deg%&wind_speed=%[wind_speed]mps%&temp=%[outdoor_temperature]deg_C%
      &rain_1h=%[rain_1h]mm%&rain_24h=%[rain_24h]mm%&rain_today=%[rain_24h]mm%&dewpoint=%[dewpoint]deg_C%' --user 'username:pass' http://openweathermap.org/data/post

      Only values not supported are radiation and uv.

      I guessed that they want pressure as hpa, and dewpoint at C


      On 8/2/2012 8:36 PM, Bob Tyszka wrote:

          I was reading this newsletter today and decided to look into the article on OPENWEATHER.  When I clicked on the link it opened to a map of the local area.  I saw a "wi-fi" symbol over California City so I clicked on it.  Turns out my wx data was appearing on the site already, I guess I won't have to sign up.  And I thought I was going to share some exciting new opportunity with all you fine folks, but you are probably already on it also.

          Have a great weekend.


      Bob Tyszka
      California City, CA
      CW9012 / KCACALIF5

      Click for California City, California Forecast

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