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20933Re: WV5 Communication Service

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  • Ken
    Jul 5, 2012
      I run it on a FIT PC with XT. It is about the size of a pack of cigarettes running with an early AMD Geode. It is underpowered for anything but something like I am using it for. I do the security updates when they come. Never a hiccup. (Knock on Wood)

      My computer is only a year old though. Failing components are less likely. I got this just to service the station. It consumes something around 7 watts. I run it from another computer using VPN.

      If you are or know someone halfway handy, you could probably cobble together a similar replacement using a Raspberry Pi. XT could be installed on a thumb drive. The $39.95 one has wired network or you could add a USB wireless dongle.

      If you want to try to keep the old setup, you might consider replacing the power supply. It a part that ages faster than most and intermittent trouble is consistent with a PS failing.

      There are still a ton of XT machines still being used in process control. If it were due to bad updates coming from MS, we'd hear about it.
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