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20605WeatherLink IP Remote Station

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  • weatherbugnathan
    Apr 6, 2012
      I'm looking at moving my weather station publishing to a cloud-hosted Windows service like OnLive later this year, but I was wondering if WUHU could be adapted to work in this environment. Here's a couple ways I was wondering if it could be adapted so I could pull it off.

      I have a DAVIS station connected with WeatherLink IP, and I am transmitting data to WeatherLink.com. Some publishing websites such as AWEKAS support plugging in one's WeatherLink.com username/password, and the data flows to the site that way. Could WUHU be updated to support plugging in a WeatherLink.com username/password and pulling data into WUHU so I could push it to sites such as our WeatherBug network? I could give you some info if you needed to test it.

      Another workaround could be this. I could setup the WeatherLink IP station with a Dynamic DNS domain. That way when one types in the Dynamic DNS domain, they tap directly into the weather station remotely and see the exact screen one would see on a local network, which should allow a publishing app to pull the station data. I already have port 80 turned on my HD weather cam, so I'd probably have to setup a different port on the weather station (like 8080, might need some help here to get this to work), but typing in mydynamicdnsdomain.com:8080 (or something like that) would tap into the weather station.

      Could WUHU be adapted (updated) to support one of these two scenarios? If so, I could put WUHU in a cloud environment, have it pull data from my WeatherLink-IP connected station, and push data to places DAVIS doesn't yet have direct WeatherLink IP publishing (such as WeatherBug). It'd allow me not to have to leave my machine on 24/7 anymore!

      Also, does WUHU support publishing to PWS Weather? The current app I'm using doesn't and if WUHU did that'd be great.

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