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20180Re: La Crosse WS-2812-IT w/ HWP 2800 has me stumped

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    Jan 2, 2012
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      I have a 2813, KTXTHEWO15 on WU and DW9277 on CWOP (still waiting to populate DW9277).

      I found a workaround for keeping HWP connected and updating to currdat.LST file while not in the foreground or having the window open. I'm using a program named AlwaysUp which turns the .exe into a service. HWP even stays active and writing to currdat.LST when the PC display times out after 15 mins of inactivity and the computer goes into password protected lock mode by running HWP in my Admin Account as oppsed to the Local Systems Account (setting in AU).

      Up and running for over 12 hours now with no connection issues to HWP or the 2813/WU/WUHU.

      Firedaemon is another program you could use. I'm not promoting either.

      Both programs cost $$$. So my question to WUHU???

      Is there any way to create this same type of service for HWP for free?

      Thanks for any info...

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, Chris Mattingly <chris@...> wrote:
      > Just some additional data from another WS28xx user...
      > When I don't have HWP running, HeavyWeatherService.exe is still running
      > (started as a system service) and updating my currdat.lst every 30
      > minutes. Now I'm curious why your's would update every 15 minutes but
      > mine is every 30.
      > After starting HWP up (and manually resync'ing w/ the console),
      > currdat.lst is updated every 8 or so seconds. I do have "hi-speed
      > communication mode" enabled.
      > Some info from La Crosse on what hi-speed mode is supposed to do:
      > Hi Speed Communication Mode
      > instructs the display to maintain
      > high speed mode
      > when Heavy Weather is open as the
      > background application. This
      > feature must be
      > enabled in Options (see illustration
      > below). Please be aware that
      > display battery life
      > is consumed at a significantly
      > faster rate when this option is
      > enabled.
      > Note: This option maintains data
      > updates to the currdat.lst file for
      > upload
      > purposes when the HeavyWeather
      > application is in background mode;
      > it does not
      > update the Current Weather Screen or
      > the Data tab on screen until you resume
      > foreground mode of Heavy Weather
      > (select the HeavyWeather window to
      > resume
      > foreground).
      > Gotta love working with mostly undocumented software -- thanks for that,
      > La Crosse. :)
      > -Chris
      > On 12/28/2011 12:53 PM, George Allen wrote:
      > >
      > > All - thanks. Don - I'd prefer to toss HWP, but mine [I didn't buy
      > > it...] is a wireless console with no physical ports of any kind. The
      > > console talks to the PC by it's own proprietary wireless connection
      > > [not 802.11 wifi] using a usb stick that comes with the system. So
      > > I'm stuck w/ HWP. As for what updates what, I will have to mess
      > > around more. What's truly weird is that w/ HWP *not* running [just
      > > the service], the 15-min data within HWP *do* get updated but
      > > currdat.lst doesn't [iirc] - maybe the consol stores the 15-min data
      > > and dumps it when HWP is started. But...when I start HWP it can't
      > > see any console for a while [many minutes] but eventually does find
      > > it; the HWP internal 15-min data get updated even when HWP claims it
      > > has no console connection. Once HWP does find the console,
      > > currdat.lst is updated every 4 seconds -- doesn't seem to be a way to
      > > control that [???], and I'm not sure what if any avg. interval is
      > > written to the .dat file. Bizarre... and a pita.
      > > -- George
      > > _____________________
      > >
      > > Posted by: "wuhu_software" wuhu_software@...
      > > <mailto:wuhu_software%40yahoo.com> wuhu_software
      > > Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:34 am (PST)
      > > I believe that the service is the software that is actually updating
      > > the currdat.lst file. I have never heard that the currdat.lst file
      > > updates stop if you run the HW software. Is this true even after some
      > > period of time? Perhaps the HW software is using the service to
      > > download the history and after some time that operation would
      > > complete and currdat.lst updates would resume.
      > >
      > > ----------------------------------
      > >
      > > Posted by: "Don Lafferty" don@...
      > > <mailto:don%40donlafferty.com> laffert@...
      > > <mailto:laffert%40pacbell.net>
      > > Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:48 pm (PST)
      > > My suggestion would be to throw HWP away and use WUHU in Serial mode. But
      > > that's just me.
      > > Don
      > >
      > >
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