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20147Re: La Crosse WS-2812-IT w/ HWP 2800 has me stumped

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  • George Allen
    Dec 29, 2011
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      Chris - thanks! Yesterday I had figured out that the updates to
      currdat.lst were ~4 sec w/ HWP in foreground, and ~1 min w/ it
      minimized. A while ago I enabled hi-speed mode when I wasn't getting
      anything, but that was when I thot that the HPW service would take
      care of 15-min currdat updates....which you note below it should. I
      disabled hi-speed mode in HWP shortly after and restarted/rebooted
      everything but still get 4-sec updates w/ HWP in foreground.

      What you describe below re: the service is what I expected. Perhaps
      I should try again. As for why 15min and not 30? My console setup
      is for 15-min. The HWP database has 15-min records in it. But I'm
      still confused. If the service updates currdat w/ou HWP running, why
      would the docs you note below talk about updates to currdat? [and
      where do you find the undocumented docs??] Seems redundant. Either
      way, I guess there's more fussing to be done. Sheesh. I might
      contact you off list if you don't mind as I sort thru all this.
      -- George

      Posted by: "Chris Mattingly" chris@...
      Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:40 pm (PST)
      Just some additional data from another WS28xx user... When I don't
      have HWP running, HeavyWeatherService.exe is still running (started
      as a system service) and updating my currdat.lst every 30 minutes.
      Now I'm curious why your's would update every 15 minutes but mine is
      every 30. After starting HWP up (and manually resync'ing w/ the
      console), currdat.lst is updated every 8 or so seconds. I do have
      "hi-speed communication mode" enabled.

      Some info from La Crosse on what hi-speed mode is supposed to do:
      Hi Speed Communication Mode instructs the display to maintain high
      speed mode when Heavy Weather is open as the background application.
      This feature must be enabled in Options (see illustration below).
      Please be aware that display battery life is consumed at a
      significantly faster rate when this option is enabled.
      Note: This option maintains data updates to the currdat.lst file for
      upload purposes when the HeavyWeather application is in background
      mode; it does not update the Current Weather Screen or the Data tab
      on screen until you resume foreground mode of Heavy Weather (select
      the HeavyWeather window to resume foreground).

      Gotta love working with mostly undocumented software -- thanks for
      that, La Crosse. :)
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