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20140Re: La Crosse WS-2812-IT w/ HWP 2800 has me stumped

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  • George Allen
    Dec 28, 2011
      All - thanks. Don - I'd prefer to toss HWP, but mine [I didn't buy
      it...] is a wireless console with no physical ports of any kind. The
      console talks to the PC by it's own proprietary wireless connection
      [not 802.11 wifi] using a usb stick that comes with the system. So
      I'm stuck w/ HWP. As for what updates what, I will have to mess
      around more. What's truly weird is that w/ HWP *not* running [just
      the service], the 15-min data within HWP *do* get updated but
      currdat.lst doesn't [iirc] - maybe the consol stores the 15-min data
      and dumps it when HWP is started. But...when I start HWP it can't
      see any console for a while [many minutes] but eventually does find
      it; the HWP internal 15-min data get updated even when HWP claims it
      has no console connection. Once HWP does find the console,
      currdat.lst is updated every 4 seconds -- doesn't seem to be a way to
      control that [???], and I'm not sure what if any avg. interval is
      written to the .dat file. Bizarre... and a pita.
      -- George

      Posted by: "wuhu_software" wuhu_software@... wuhu_software
      Wed Dec 28, 2011 6:34 am (PST)
      I believe that the service is the software that is actually updating
      the currdat.lst file. I have never heard that the currdat.lst file
      updates stop if you run the HW software. Is this true even after some
      period of time? Perhaps the HW software is using the service to
      download the history and after some time that operation would
      complete and currdat.lst updates would resume.


      Posted by: "Don Lafferty" don@... laffert@...
      Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:48 pm (PST)
      My suggestion would be to throw HWP away and use WUHU in Serial mode. But
      that's just me.
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