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20057Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Regardless of action file and template

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  • Bill Farrell
    Dec 14, 2011
      Thanks.  I found my error after I wrote but before my message was approved.  I missed a step in turning history output on.

      I was then able to create a specialized template.  Works like a charm!

      I'm looking forward to finishing my project in Cache' now.


      On Wed, 2011-12-14 at 10:43 +0000, wuhu_software wrote:

      That is true if you do not use the replacement strings.

      The format of the data is:


      Where the section and variable come from the currdat.LST file that is being output.

      See the Setup/General Settings. You must enable the Output Heavyweather Currdat.LST file and specify the location of the file. Enabling extended output give you more data to choose from.

      To view the contents of the currdat.LST that is being output open it with notepad.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "Rev Bill" <james.westleyfarrell@...> wrote:
      > any "template:" action only copies the selected template to the output file without interpreting it. For example, pointing the "template:" action line to a csv template, I only get a copy of the csv template as-is with no useful data in it.
      > Any clue would be gratefully received.
      > Bill

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