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19595WUHU fails to start after Windows XP upgrade

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  • chris.armes@btinternet.com
    Sep 8, 2011
      XP went off and did its upgrade thing last night and everything stopped working...

      previously running b186, upgraded to b197 same problem

      WUHU starts off and goes thru' the waiting for computer startup part and then aborts, everytime.

      Direct connect to a LaCrosse that has worked happily for many months including coping with Windows updates, power outages and the like auto reboots and restarts, but not this time.

      Only workaround I've found is to go back to using the heavweather software and have WUHU interogate the history file, direct connect to the LaCrosse now fails since the 3.15am XP update.

      I'd wanted to get away from using heavyweather but I'm now stuck using it again as direct connect no longer works, any ideas what the XP upgrade did last night to break things?
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