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19585Windows 7 64 bit installation problems

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  • Richard
    Sep 1, 2011
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      Hi, I recently replaced my old computer with a newer low powered computer running Windows 7 64bit. As I am re-installing everything from scratch I downloaded the WUHU zip WUHU216_32_B194.zip, extracted it and tried to run the installation (nothing else was runnning) but it just hangs after asking permission. I have also tried using administrator settings and then ran the Windows compatibility analysis and it comes back as incompatible. I am unsure what exactly is the issue. Is there a 64 bit version out there for Windows 7? My Oregon WMR968 installed via USB serial without issue so it is only WUHU which won't run. I also have a PogoPlug running Linux as well as a NSLU2 which I have also been playing with but am totally a newbie to linux and I cannot figure out how to set these up for use as my weather server. So, that is another option I was exploring but while trying to get that figured out I decided to retry WUHU but now I cannot run that either. Any help is appreciated although it would be best to use the NSLU2 rather than my desktop if someone would be kind enough to help me with getting that set up correctly.
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