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188Re: LaCrosse Professional Remote Weather Station

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  • wuhu_software
    Aug 26 3:58 PM
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      1) I would suspect you have a faulty thermometer.

      2) I believe that the unit is reporting the highest windspeed recorded
      since the last transmission. That is just a guess.

      According to the manual: Using cable connection data is updated every 8
      seconds. Using wireless 433 MHz data is updated from 16 to 128 second
      intervals depending on wind speed and rain activity. Sounds pretty
      vague to me.

      Is the anemometer at least 30 ft from ground level?

      Trees or other obstructions in the area?

      Good luck.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "Patrick & Joni"
      <prcjmc@a...> wrote:
      > Can anyone offer me a suggestion? I recently purchased this weather
      > station and set it up in a landscaped area. I am seeing two issues:
      > 1) the thermometer is reporting daytime temperatures about 10 degrees
      > higher than a thermometer next to it. I have tried to shade it, but
      > it seems like there may be a ventilation problem. Where, exactly, is
      > the thermometer located within the unit? 2) the anemometer is always
      > reporting VERY low wind speeds. It rarely reports more that 5mph to
      > the computer base station (wireless connection). During Hirricane
      > Kristina yesterday, the max wind was only 21mph. Is this because it's
      > wireless vs a wired connection? How frequently does it send data to
      > the base? When it sends data, is it an instantaneous reading at that
      > moment or is it an average over time (how long)?
      > Thanks for the insights.
      > Patrick
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