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18639Metar Template

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  • Dimitris
    Feb 1, 2011
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      Hi again

      I download the new version all is fine ,very new things,congratulation.
      I saw the observe the clouds not have the altitute 000 ,and i must make change at php name photos without 000 ,anyway i have a problem at metar.

      my metar now is :

      LG88 %[WUHU]METAR_time% %[WUHU]METAR_wind% %[WUHU]METAR_sky% %[WUHU]METAR_weather% %[WUHU]METAR_temperature% %[WUHU]METAR_QNH_pressure%

      LG88 011830Z 02208G11KT FEW 43/05 Q1022

      43 is wrong,the temperature is F not C


      Here is the site look at me name Peristeri name,i am wrong.Another they have M = minus at dew point


      Except if i have lost the your conversation from this software !!

      Thank you

      Best regards from Greece
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