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17816Re: Communications error or invalid/corrupt data retrieve

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  • Ken
    Nov 17, 2010
      I don't really consider the problem reproducible. The example was 09 but I've seen 52 and whatever. I can run several days with no errors and then see a brief one here and there and then get the repeat hourly ones.

      I only responded because he has a similar problem. For myself, it is in the annoyance category until it becomes reproducible. I'd say 80% are happening overnight -- could be temp related.

      Serial ports may rightfully be the first boggy man to visit but it really is too intermittent to default to that to my eye. But trying to nail an intermittent can fool anyone.

      (I've hated serial ports all my life. They can glitch in so many ways. I had troubles with a Soroc terminal attached to an IMSAI and it continued when I ran a BBS. Every bloody one seemed to want something different. I wonder where my breakout box got to...) What's need is for LaCrosse to join the modern USB direct era. Until then...
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