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17814Re: Communications error or invalid/corrupt data retrieve

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  • Ken
    Nov 17, 2010
      I have a 2317 and have similar issues. I can't see it being the serial port. It is too intermittent. It manifests in various ways. It runs days OK and then does it. It may report temps out of range but that's not usual. I just had it happen in the most 'interesting' way. It happened at 12:09, 1:09, 2:09. The 09 can be anything but it cycles in lockstep fashion on hour or sometimes two hour intervals -- always three though. I've been suspecting console firmware but we've different consoles.

      I now ignore it as it is self-repairing and I really discounted the serial port as the source of the problem. I converted to wire after leaving HW which was always a bit flaky with its reads. No direct correlation with the different techniques but somewhat suspicious of LaSalle being the source.
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