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17651Re: Wind Speed and Wind Gusts

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  • wuhu_software
    Oct 31 11:24 AM
      You are correct that the gust data is not available in the file and is a pretty major oversight in my humble opinion.

      Because the gust is absent, WUHU uses the loose definition of the highest wind speed seen over the past 10 minutes. This was derived from reading CWOP material.

      If a station is capable of generating a gust value, WUHU does output this in the currdat.lst that can be written by WUHU for use in other applications:

      mps = "0.0"
      kmh = "0.0"
      mph = "0.0"
      knt = "0.0"
      bft = " 0"

      They also have an issue with the absolute pressure not being written in the currdat.lst file. As I understand it, there are issues with their generation of the history.dat files with important fields like rain total. Ooops.

      Good luck with your efforts to appeal to La Crosse however I would not hold my breath. Over the past 5 years, I have not really seen them participating in the weather watching community. Maybe in one of your letters you could invite them to participate in forums like The Weather Forum.

      They have had a run of hardware quality issues that have plagued them lately so I do not believe that improving their software is on their punch list. The WS-2810 was a reoccurring support nightmare for them as it had weather proofing issues with the wind sensor and solar panels and the rain reporting was doubling. Many customers are being told to wait for replacements that have yet to materialize.

      The software (all Heavyweather versions) appear to be written by a company in Germany. I have a link to their website and DNS records somewhere in the files section of the group. I highly doubt that they would take it upon themselves to improve their software as they probably require payment from La Crosse to do so.

      On a side note, I am actually surprised that La Crosse continued to output the currdat.lst file in the later versions of the HW Pro software. They certainly did not output this file to assist other software developers like myself to read the data and probably only output this file to work with their older Heavyweather Publisher application. So it appears to exist only as an after thought. It is not mentioned in their documentation for the console or the software.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "weathercat1" <mcodanti@...> wrote:
      > How does WUHU identify wind speed and wind gusts when using the currdat.lst file for a La Crosse WS28xx weather station?
      > I've noticed that the file doesn't contain the gust information and that the gusts, and wind speed, reported by WUHU tend to be lower than what the console and Heavy Weather report.
      > In fact there are even periods of time that WUHU reports no wind, only gusts, when Heavy Weather reports both.
      > Is WUHU re-processing the data to split the reported wind speeds into wind and gusts? If so, since the console has already done that, are we under reporting the wind data?
      > I have submitted a support request to La Crosse asking them to add the wind gust information to the currdat.lst file, but I doubt they will do it enough the get enough requests.
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