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17650Wind Speed and Wind Gusts

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  • weathercat1
    Oct 31 11:05 AM
      How does WUHU identify wind speed and wind gusts when using the currdat.lst file for a La Crosse WS28xx weather station?

      I've noticed that the file doesn't contain the gust information and that the gusts, and wind speed, reported by WUHU tend to be lower than what the console and Heavy Weather report.

      In fact there are even periods of time that WUHU reports no wind, only gusts, when Heavy Weather reports both.

      Is WUHU re-processing the data to split the reported wind speeds into wind and gusts? If so, since the console has already done that, are we under reporting the wind data?

      I have submitted a support request to La Crosse asking them to add the wind gust information to the currdat.lst file, but I doubt they will do it enough the get enough requests.
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