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15827Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Need help with my WS2310RX

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  • Joe Brown
    Dec 28, 2009
      Thank you for the prompt response!  Yes, I checked that several times, and they both have the same time and AM/PM.
      I have also looked into the Device Manager to check the ports, and I really don't know what I am looking at.  It says that there are two COM ports, and both are working fine.  The back of the computer onloy has one COM port available for use, which is why I said I don't know where it is or what is using it.  But apparently, this is the one I was using before the OS replacement.  It also shows a single LPT port.  But something I hadn't noticed before is that there are two more COM ports showing: "RIM Virtual Serial Port v2 (COM3) and RIM Virtual Serial Port v2 (COM4).
      I use a BlackBerry cellphone, and it would appear that Research In Motion's software must have created these.  Could they be blocking the hardwired COM2?
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      Make sure you have the AM/PM set correctly on the console otherwise you will be 12 hours off.

      Go to device manager and make sure that the serial ports are mapped the way you think they are.

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      > I have been using this system to upload to Weather Underground for years with very few problems. Recently, however, I had to upgrade the OS on the computer I have it connected to by serial cable. Which is the same machine it was connected to before. But for reasons I can't figure out, the devices are apparently not talking to each other. WUHU says it opened the serial port OK, but then cites problems with the clocks not being the same (they are) and corrupt data. I tried disconnecting the cable and got the same error messages, so it seems that the connection just isn't there. I am using serial port 2 - can't find serial port 1 (must be used internally?) My computer is a Shuttle, FWIW. I am using WUHU216_32. Any help available?

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