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15280Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Lacrosse cables and sensors

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  • Jerry Flanders
    Oct 7, 2009
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      Where did you get it? Price?

      Is the store on the internet?

      Jerry W4UK

      At 12:57 PM 10/7/2009, you wrote:

      >You might be interested in my approach to keep the 23XX thermo/hydro
      >unit powered -
      >I picked up a Oregon Scientific STR938 solar unit from a surplus
      >store - The STR938
      >unit has a solar panel, a Ni-MH battery and 2 regular back-up AA
      >Alkaline batteries.
      >I wired the STR938 unit to the battery connections on the WS23XX
      >therm-hydro unit
      >The output from the (STR938) internal RJ11 (6-pin) is 3.67v.
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