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  • Don Lafferty
    May 31, 2009
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      I've modified the files in the Twitter Helper folder a bit. There are now 3 files. Here's what each set does.

      1) vbtweet.zip - Command line program to post to Twitter. Can be used by WUHU or any other program that can call another. There is a readme file for instructions.

      2) vbtweetproj.zip - Visual Basic 6 files to make vbtweet.exe if you want to see how it works or want to modify it. Not needed unless you have VB 6.

      3) wutweet.zip - Set of files to post to Twitter using a template file. Created by Randy to make it a little prettier and maybe easier. Also includes the VB6 project files.

      You only need #1 or #3 to post to Twitter. Either one will work but it's your preference.
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