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  • Rob Reab
    May 9, 2009
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      I suspect that the main issue with power to the units would be a potential grounding problem. If both outlets are properly grounded, I don’t think there should be any problem related to power. If your outlets are properly wired ( 3 wire), plugging your computer or weather station into one outlet or another, should have no bearing. (If your wiring uses conduits for ground, there will be a potential for problems). I have a 2317 and have had to ‘ignore’ some wind readings in WUHU also. Mine is running wireless. I suspect the problem we experience is related more to wireless mode. It’s probably RF or emf related interference. - Rob


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      Thanks for the info. Here are a few replies to your comments:

      1. The wire from the wind sensor should be pretty well secured. I used the same fasteners that they use to fasten your cable wire to the house. I have those ever so often all the way from the roof to the thermo sensor. It should be pretty snug, but I'll check to make sure it hasn't moved.
      2. I did not have the console plugged into the same outlet as my computer, because the outlets on my UPS were full. I will move something like my router or modem to another plug and try that. I'll bet that is the problem.
      3. I did have the console in wireless mode for several months up until about a week ago, and prior to that, when it was in wireless mode, I did not have very many, if any, problems with bad wind data.

      So, I will try plugging the console into the same outlet as the computer, and see if that solves the problem.



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      There are a couple theories about the bad wind speeds.

      One is that the wire from the remote thermo to the wind sensor must be secured and not allowed to move. If it does move, static electricity builds up and causes errors. That theory comes from La Crosse tech support.

      Another is that the cheap telephone cord that La Crosse uses causes a problem.


      Kenneth Lavrsen's WS2300 Wind Sensor Modification 

      The third possibility has to do with grounding issues. You should have the console and the computer plugged in to the same power outlet. La Crosse uses the DTR and RTS lines to create a "virtual ground" for the communications between the console and the computer. One of those lines is also tied to the ground plane on the console's printed circuit board. One of the wires that runs from the console to the remote thermo and the wind sensor is also tied to the same place. This presents a problem if there is a grouding issue between the console and the PC. To test, try running the console on batteries for a day to see if the problem goes away.

      Also, beware that because of this grounding scheme used wired mode, one of the lines on the serial port effectively runs all the way to the wind sensor. This can make your PC suseptible to lightning damage. An inline serial surge protector (about $20)  is highly recommended if lightning is common in your area.

      --- In wuhu_software_ group@yahoogroup s.com, Chris Hayman <haymanc75@.. .> wrote:

      > I know I've seen several conversations on here about data errors with the
      Lacrosse WS-2316, but for some reason, I am unable to find those saved conversations in my e-mail folders. So, forgive me for asking this question again.
      > I recently moved my WS-2316, and for the first time, I hard-wired the
      weather station (not using wireless), and I plugged the console into the wall instead of using the batteries. Since that time, I have started receiving several data errors during the day, mostly the same infamous ones others have received:
      > * COM4 errors
      > * Wind Speed of 57MPH
      > * Wind Speed of 28.4MPH
      > * Wind Speed of 114MPH
      > I very rarely received these errors before moving the station and when I
      was using wireless. But now, I am getting them several times a day. Is there anything I can do to stop these errors from happening so frequently? Should I take the batteries out and restart the sensor, even though it is now hard-wired and plugged into the wall? I have tried resynching the console (holding down the + and - keys simultaneously until a beep is heard), but this did not fix the problem.
      > http://www.wundergr
      href="http://ound.com/" target="_blank">ound.com/ swf/Rapid_ Fire.swf? units=english&station=KOHDOVER2
      > http://www.wundergr
      ound.com/ weatherstation/ WXDailyHistory. asp?ID=KOHDOVER2
      > I have set up my WUHU software to tweak this data and ignore the bad wind
      speeds (except for the 28.4MPH ones).
      > Thanks in advance for your help!
      > Chris

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