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14408Sensor question

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  • bftrim
    May 1, 2009
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      Hi all,

      I think my poor weather station was a victim of a mean spring storm. I have a LaCrosse 2316 weather station and for th epast two and a half years it has been working great. It is transmitting wirelessly from the sensor unit to the console without any issues. The sensor is under the eves of my house and is not exposed directly to the rain. A couple of days ago we had a really good spring thunderstorm and although I don't think we had any really close lightning strikes, since the storm I am not getting any reading on the console. All I have for the temp., humidity, and windspeed are just dashes. I have heard that LaCrosse stations are particularly sensitive to lightning so I am thinking that the sensor got nailed. The question I have is can I just get a new sensor, or do you think that the wind speed sensor or the rain gauge got fried too and that I will need to buy a whol new package? If I can just get the new sensor/transmitter, where is the best blace to find one that works with my existing rain gauge and wind sensor. Do you think that the problem is a fried sensor? Thanks for the help.

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