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12684Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Unable to open specified communications port.

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  • eddie
    Nov 2, 2008
      Sorry all.. seems the adapter was just barely unplugged. It is working now. My bad...

      From: eddie
      Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 7:49 AM
      Subject: Re: [wuhu_software_group] Re: Unable to open specified communications port.

      I have that same thing , as recommended by wuhu
      I went through all the ports and updated the drivers

      Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 3:43 AM
      Subject: [wuhu_software_ group] Re: Unable to open specified communications port.

      USB to serial adapters are for the most part unreliable due to either
      bad hardware design or more likely, bad Windows drivers that they have
      created for the operating system.

      You can check with the manufacturer to see if they have updated their

      The other option is to purchase one that is known to work well.


      http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ wuhu_software_ group/message/ 11105

      --- In wuhu_software_ group@yahoogroup s.com, "eddie" <djx_master@ ...>

      > So then how do I
      fix it?
      > From: wuhu_software
      > Sent: Friday,
      October 31, 2008 6:13 PM
      > To:
      href="mailto:wuhu_software_group%40yahoogroups.com">wuhu_software_ group@yahoogroup s.com
      Subject: [wuhu_software_ group] Re: Unable to open specified
      communications port.
      > My guess is a
      faulty driver that handles the USB to serial adapter.
      > --- In
      href="mailto:wuhu_software_group%40yahoogroups.com">wuhu_software_ group@yahoogroup s.com, "Eddie" djx_master@
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > this is the message
      I get when starting WUHU. and in the same
      > > it says make
      sure this port exists in the system and is not being
      > > by
      another application like Heavyweather.
      > > I don't even have HW
      > > This error seems to happen every now and again, and I
      was somehow
      > > to fix it. Seems I am having a brain
      > > I normally have it connecting to COM8, not sure why that one
      out of
      > > the 30 to select from but it works. I went through the USB
      posrts in
      > > the device manager to make sure all were enabled and no
      > > I think maybe someone told me of a simple fix
      for this but I just
      > > can't remember it.
      > > Also, in the
      past month I had to reformat my computer because of
      > >
      Microsoft update corrupting my OS. Since then, my computer seems to
      > > happy communicating with my Lacrosse 2315 via USB, whereas
      > > reformat, my PC usually froze after a while.
      > > Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there and hope to gain
      > > some feedback on my communication errors...
      > > THANKS
      > >

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