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12644Unable to open specified communications port.

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  • Eddie
    Oct 31, 2008
      this is the message I get when starting WUHU. and in the same message
      it says make sure this port exists in the system and is not being used
      by another application like Heavyweather.
      I don't even have HW installed.
      This error seems to happen every now and again, and I was somehow able
      to fix it. Seems I am having a brain fart.
      I normally have it connecting to COM8, not sure why that one out of
      the 30 to select from but it works. I went through the USB posrts in
      the device manager to make sure all were enabled and no problems exist.
      I think maybe someone told me of a simple fix for this but I just
      can't remember it.
      Also, in the past month I had to reformat my computer because of some
      Microsoft update corrupting my OS. Since then, my computer seems to be
      happy communicating with my Lacrosse 2315 via USB, whereas before the
      reformat, my PC usually froze after a while.
      Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there and hope to gain
      some feedback on my communication errors...
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