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  • Rich Allen
    Aug 9 11:44 AM
      If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to help with a C# version of WUHU.
      I make my living with C#. When I offered to help with the FTP code, I
      was hoping you were already using C#, I haven't used C or C++ in over a
      decade and I'm not all that unhappy about it. :) Anyway, I think a
      team effort would allow you to do away with third party controls.
      Charts are pretty easy, gauges are only a bit more complicated. The
      part that will be difficult is the serial communications with the
      consoles, but if you turned your current communications code into a dll
      the C# app would just be handling the UI.

      By the way, I stopped writing my own when I discovered WUHU. There just
      wasn't any reason to continue after that. heh heh


      wuhu_software wrote:
      > I would like to write a WUHU2 someday, using C#. There are a few nice
      > packages for gauges and charts out there and they are pretty pricey.
      > Not surprisingly, they are all about $600 or so. At that point I would
      > need to take donations before creating the program or I would need to
      > charge from the start and invest the money myself.
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