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  • Jeff Waltermire
    Aug 8, 2008
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      I've run countless Linux distros through the years starting in 1998.
      I've not found one to be all that stable running a gui. Stuff gets
      funky on me after a few weeks and things just stop working for some
      reason...kind of like Windows. Just my experience: not looking for a
      fight. I go back to TRS80 days then Commodores then DOS on Pcs and no
      I don't think we need to know command line stuff in this day and age.
      Ubuntu has brought linux a long ways but it still has to improve to
      see greater acceptance. I've played with Macs but I still hate Apple
      for selling sub-standard over-priced Apple IIe computers to schools
      that didn't know any better. Oh well. On to my problem with wuhu...

      I have added a delay up to 360 seconds in the dat file and now I get
      an error that says "Unable to open specified communications port.
      Make sure this port exists in the system and is not being used by
      another application like Heavyweather." It's on a physical comm 1
      port built into the computer (not a usb adapter) and there isn't any
      other software wanting it so I 'm not sure what it is having trouble
      with. It's weird that it's worked for months then all of a sudden it
      freaks out. When I click OK on the error then click start in wuhu it
      loads right up with no issue and starts uploading.

      I didn't pay attention. Is this version 216-32 running as a service?
      I may try to run it from a batch file (how I added a delay in
      previous version) if I have to with a delay in the batch file.


      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "wuhu_software"
      <wuhu_software@...> wrote:
      > Arnold,
      > Ok, I did not mean for this post to turn in to a novel, but here it
      > goes...
      > The sad story to this whole runtime error (in turn causing
      > installation errors) is the following.
      > I bought this TeeChart ActiveX object back in 98-99' or so when the
      > company was first starting out (Steema Software, Catalonia, Spain). It
      > was a new product and it had bugs. It was touted on the Microsoft
      > vendor site as one of the top ActiveX offerings available at that
      > time. This was back when Microsoft was still pushing the ActiveX
      > technology (aka OLE - Object linking and embedding, aka VB OCX, aka
      > COM). Now MS has all but abandoned COM but they supports it.
      > When I first created an application implementing the control, this bug
      > quickly cropped up and I reported it. I was told to define the printer
      > to avoid the problem. That allowed me to at least continue
      > development. I assumed that a free upgrade would be forthcoming. I
      > asked for a patch and was told that it would be in the next release.
      > Months passed by before the next release was available.
      > Of course the next release required an upgrade fee.
      > Since that time, Teechart has become very popular and has grown more
      > much more expensive. I believe the upgrade fee for existing customers
      > is around $150-$250. The fee is based on how out of date your
      version is.
      > It is very disappointing to me that a software company can release
      > such a glaring bug to it's customers then put them on hold until the
      > next release of the software, then demand more money to get the
      > upgrade to get the patch. That is what happens when a software
      > companies lose touch with their customer base as most do once they
      > reach a certain size.
      > Although Teechart is a pretty cool ActiveX object for drawing charts,
      > I am hesitant to invest a red cent given the past behavior of the
      > company. ActiveX is really a dead technology anyway so I probably will
      > never upgrade.
      > If an when I do port WUHU to another environment, there are several
      > other packages that would be a viable alternative. Given that they
      > screwed me over the first time, I will probably not even consider them
      > for WUHU or any other project.
      > I have spent hours trying to figure out a way around this issue by
      > attempting to detect the printer before launching the Teechart object
      > only to discover that Windows might have not fully loaded various
      > drivers related to the printer, blah blah blah.
      > So anyway this was an expensive lesson so far as my time is concerned.
      > The time I have spent documenting problems, finding work-arounds, has
      > far exceeded the cost of the original product, or even the cost of the
      > latest offering.
      > Lesson learned.
      > So in the end you are correct that a component implemented using a
      > different operating system probably would not have produced the
      > miserable results I had experienced but that is what we have to work
      > Personally I do hope that Linux gains greater acceptance as I am sick
      > and tired of vendors like MS or Apple dictating the buggy operating
      > systems that we are forced to use.
      > --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "alrjr2001"
      > <alrjr2001@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hey Jeff its a PC what do you expect:-) Seriously if this program were
      > > running on the Mac platform we'd be seeing a lot less of these "what
      > > changed" type of posts. I'm going to install WUHU today on an old
      > > laptop and I hope it goes well & is stable. Please note I DO NOT fault
      > > the author of the program in any way nor do I want to start the Mac
      > > vs. PC argument as it doesnt accomplish anything its just my opinion
      > > that the Macs OS is far more stable then Windows.
      > >
      > > Arnold In The Smokies
      > >
      > > --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Waltermire"
      > > <jwaltermire@> wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I've been running Wuhu since April and it's been great. I started
      > > > running 2.16-32 a couple of weeks ago now with no problems.
      > > > last night I'm getting error 217 on startup. I checked that my
      > > > printers are still in control panel and they are. Any other
      ideas? I
      > > > didn't change anything so that's the strange part.
      > > >
      > > > Jeff
      > > >
      > >
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