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11302Re: Another WU?

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  • wuhu_software
    Jun 1, 2008
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      A template could be created to format the data in the form they want.

      They post a WD template like:


      The only question that remains is what are the units for each of the

      For example, is barometer given in InHg or MB? Although they give
      example templates, they do not give the units for the data.

      If you can contact them and get the info, I can write the template
      easily enough.

      You would then apparently need to upload your output template file to
      a FTP server where they can pull it down. You can do that easily
      enough with an On Update action.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "utahweatherbear"
      <utahweatherbear@...> wrote:
      > got the following e-mail from the sw wxnet dude. any way you can
      > WUHU to work with them? kind of a cool page they've got.
      > dan
      > Hi Dan,
      > Thanks for the interest in the SWN. I checked out your web page and
      > it appears that you have put a lot of work into it. However, I
      > think there is any way for you to join the SWN and have your data
      > posted to our mesomap. For the sites that you mentioned, your
      > software pushes the data to them.
      > For the SWN, our members use VWS, Weather Display, or WeatherLink
      > place a data file on their site, and then our server pulls that
      > for the map as needed.
      > You seem to be uploading your data to WU, and CWOP and then
      > populating your website with graphics and data tables created by
      > them. You have a nice website, but unless you are using one of
      > 3 programs, there's no way for us to pull your data and place you
      > the mesomap.
      > It's unfortunate, because I think that South Ogden would fill in a
      > little hole above Olympus Cove, and we need more UT members.
      > If I'm mistaken in your software use and you can upload our data
      > to your website, or if you decide to start using one of the other
      > programs, let me know. The other main requirement of membership in
      > the SWN is that you have a Southwestern Weather Network link on
      > weather home page that links to another page on your site with info
      > on the SWN and its members. Most members run the mesomap to meet
      > requirement.
      > Best regards,
      > Chris
      > www.sloweather.com
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