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11009Re: Coffee Can Tipping Bucket Mod for La Crosse 23xx

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  • jdonovanwv5
    May 1, 2008
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      The ID on the tygon tubing is about 5/16", just a hair over the 1/4"
      on the LaCrosse cover -- also the same length. I have the tubing set
      down low enough (just about 2 mm over the pivot crest) that I believe
      not, the shield on the board is a good 3/4" higher, but will check
      after a good intense rain for inside moisture. Of course it carries
      twice the flow of water in an equivalent storm compared to the
      original. Splashing would not only endanger the board (shorting
      across the power lead) but also lose water, so I'll keep an eye on
      comparison to nearby stations. We had a couple of inches both this
      week and last, and so far, it looks to be consistent. I also have a
      calibration bottle that leaks out slowly, and it checks. But for
      splashing, it is how it handles intense rain that counts.

      I am not sure I have enough drain holes in the base, but I'll see
      what it looks like in there and if needed can pop more drain
      holes.....The bottom of the can is not a watertight fit either no
      hopefully it will stay dry in there.

      Just out of curiosity, do you know of anyone who sells reeds switches
      of this type?


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      "wuhu_software" <wuhu_software@...> wrote:
      > Joe,
      > Nice job on the bucket.
      > I did have one question, at the end of the funnel, is the water
      > stream isolated so it does not spray water on to the circuit board?
      > Thanks for sharing.
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