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10998Re: Coffee Can Tipping Bucket Mod for La Crosse 23xx

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  • wuhu_software
    May 1, 2008

      Nice job on the bucket.

      I did have one question, at the end of the funnel, is the water
      stream isolated so it does not spray water on to the circuit board?

      Thanks for sharing.

      --- In wuhu_software_group@yahoogroups.com, "jdonovanwv5"
      <jdonovanwv5@...> wrote:
      > here's one for those of you that love the dependable 23xx wireless
      > station EXCEPT for the tipping bucket with the tiny enclosure that
      > screams "home model"
      > The mechanism on the 23xx bucket is basically sound. My gripe with
      > it is that the area is ledd than half that of a standard bucket, it
      > has a rather shallow 12 mm top lip, and the rectangular horizontal
      > section means that "crosswind" rain to the bucket long dimension
      > easily be undercaught. Plus, I've had wind in dry weather blow
      > the bottom drains of the bucket and cause tips.
      > My makeover is documented in the MAXWELL HOUSE RAIN GAUGE photo
      > folder. It consists of an original 2315 tipping bucket base with
      > cover removed and placed inside a standard 6" coffee can equipped
      > with a funnel. here is the list of parts
      > 1 2315 tipping bucket base
      > 1 standard 6" coffee can with a 10 mm "lip" on top (with the plug-
      > type cover) (I used maxwell house but any brand would do)
      > 1 7" x 7" 0.25" cast aluminum plate, milled corners
      > 1 6" diameter stainless steel funnel with sieve at outlet
      > oil-base primer and rustproof spray paint
      > The funnel is commonly available in US -- I got mine at
      > a brewing supply site, but it can also be found on Amazon. It had
      > handle which must be snipped off -- use tin snips. The funnel has
      > rolled outer lip about 3 mm in size that is close to horizontal.
      > This is fit to the coffee can and silicon-sealed to the flat lip of
      > the top of the coffee can. This lip (the can) must be trimmed by
      > about 50% to get a solid press-fit with the funnel. Easy to do
      > standard tin snips, the metal is quite soft.
      > The throat of the funnel must be cut back (hacksaw) to within 1/2"
      > the base of the funnel. The stainless is quite ridgid but can be
      > with care. Also, be be on the safe side, I reduced the diameter of
      > the throat to 5/16" using tygon tubing pieces nested and siliconed
      > <inside> the funnel throat. The base of the throat is about 5/16"
      > above the crest of the teeter on the tipping bucket. Oh, and the
      > clips holding the sieve in the base also had to be cut back so as
      > to get tangled in the teeter.
      > The can has a pair of 3/4" angle brackets bolted to it, and I use
      > galvanized deck screws to fix the angle brackets <through> holes in
      > the aluminum base to the corner of a deck. The tipping bucket is
      > fixed to the based with four medium-thread self-tapping bolts,
      > to the bottom
      > The only cludge is that, to fit, about 1/2" had to be cut off each
      > the corners of the LaCrosse part. Oh well. One could use anything
      > one wanted to as a base, but I had some pieces of beefy 1/4"
      > in the shop. The base is drilled with an array of 3/8" holes
      > the ends of the teeter, as drains.
      > Problems were, surprisingly, cutting the aluminum. Had to go out
      > buy an appropriate bimetal coarse-tooth blade for my recip that
      > wouldn't heat and weld to the aluminum on long cuts. Concerns: I
      > want to make sure the base drains well enough not to cause
      > on the reed switch board.
      > The good news: it works great, using a 0.3890 tweak from Wuhu.
      > Calibrates well and very stable.
      > Cost:
      > paint: $4
      > coffee can : $7 (but we drank the coffee)
      > funnel: $12 with shipping
      > everything else lying around the shop.
      > So.....this rain gauge is now (you knew this was coming.....) GOOD
      > THE LAST DROP!!!
      > Joe
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