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  • Rick Pellicciotti
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      Hello all, My name is Rick Pellicciotti and I am a newly minted Technician, call sign KJ4NWQ. I live in Arlington, TN.

      I have been an aviation enthusiast all of my life and I discovered APRS as a way to track aircraft in flight a couple of years ago. I read everything I could online about APRS, studied the various hardware solutions and finally got around to taking a class and my test. Originally, I planned on running a dedicated tracker but since I moved to Arlington my family and I have gotten more involved with the community. We participate in Neighborhood watch and other activities so I decided that I would prefer a HT with APRS capabilities.

      Like others on the group, I settled on the VX-8R with GPS option. I managed to get it programmed and working on the Delta club repeaters without too much trouble. I also seem to have APRS working as I have been able to track myself driving to and from work the last couple of days on APRS.fi. I have a magnet mount antenna on the trunk lid for this. I am not getting to many hits on the I-40 stretch but I seem to do ok on the I240 loop. I have not tried it in my airplane yet but I hope to get around to it in the next week or so.

      I have an idea about how to update Twitter via APRS and I will be trying a couple of things in the next few days. I will be sure to let the group know if I have any success.

      Rick Pellicciotti, KJ4NWQ
      EZrg "Race 51", N818KD
      follow me on Twitter: @prowler1 and @CAFMemphis
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