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RE: [wtcattack] anti-war protester: moron

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  • John Shaw
    thanks: Locally (Ontario Canada) there were walks that were supposed to be anti-war yesterday too. The theme got hijacked (perhaps was always a ploy ?) by
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2001

      Locally (Ontario Canada) there were walks that were supposed to be anti-war
      yesterday too. The theme got hijacked (perhaps was always a ploy ?) by
      socialists trying to pin the world's troubles on capitalism and even trying
      blaming provincial politicians here ?!? Looney tunes - there no other way to
      describe them. As for anybody who says communism is anti-war - I think it
      simple to simply observe there has never been a communist country that was
      not a militaristic police state within a few years - and very few that were
      not expansionist - ie pro war.

      December 2nd http://www.walkforcapitalism.org/ - they have a different
      story. This was started last spring, but since the WTC attack there has
      been a massive increase in interest. I guess more people now see just how
      clear the lines are between the various authoritarian governments and groups
      (such as communism/socialism and the fundamentalist religious groups) and
      the more libertarian countries (of which the USofA remains one of the finest
      examples even after hundreds of years).

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      Okay, I read the earlier post that reprinted some of what the anti-
      war protester Larry Holmes said in his speech in Washington
      yesterday. (if you don't know what I'm talking about go read that

      What is this guy talking about? I was a bit amazed by the stupidity
      of his comments.

      1. He is saying that socialism and communism are the goal of the
      struggle to end war. This is laughable for historical and modern
      reasons. As I will explain momentarily.

      2. He is saying that capitalism (which is, let's remember, just an
      economic system, not a political one) is wrong.

      Okay, let me discuss point number one. Communism is good. Wrong.
      Communism is BAAAAD. Why? Because it doesn't even have a chance of
      working. Historically we can look at the U.S.S.R. which failed. It
      failed miserably, just as the people who lived under it's system were
      unhappy (for the most part). Why did it fail? under communism there
      is no incentive to do anything, because everyone gets paid the exact
      same amount of money no matter what they do. So why create anything?
      There's no reason to do so. However, the leaders of a communist state
      live nicely. Why? Because once they amass power they hold it and they
      subject everyone else to communist principles of being good,
      community people, who toil and do not dissent. North Korea is a
      modern example of this. Child slavery and labor are common practices
      of these regimes.

      So, my question is this. Does this guy want to live in North Korea?
      If the answer is yes then he should move and I will not have anything
      bad to say about it. In fact I would admire him for sticking to his
      beliefs. Personally, I'm going to stay here under this 'evil'
      capitalist system.

      Another point needs to be made about anti-war protesters: where do
      half of their income taxes go? To the military. If they were so
      interested in protesting war why don't they stop paying their taxes?
      Answer: they are afraid of going to jail. Hmmm. I guess their ideals
      are only ideals. Their philosophy is not a life philosophy. It is a
      rebellious philosophy. A philosophy that embraces complaining, while
      they go about their lives doing the same things as the rest of us,
      and doing nothing useful to change what they see as the problem. Does
      any protester seriously believe that marching in the streets of
      Washington, D.C. with signs saying "make peace, not war" is going to
      influence anyone of power to do anything differently?

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