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Re: idea for a solution

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  • AliZ
    ... Yes ALL facts are true, wheter you heard of them or not, whether you want to hear of them or not. ... Come on. It isn t about geography. I live in
    Message 1 of 13 , Sep 27, 2001
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      --- In wtcattack@y..., BRUCE@F... wrote:
      > --- In wtcattack@y..., "AliZ" <alizaoua2000@y...> wrote:
      > > --- In wtcattack@y..., BRUCE@F... wrote:
      > > > --- In wtcattack@y..., "AliZ" <alizaoua2000@y...> wrote:
      > > > > Or is it "if it isn't you, it is your brother" ?
      > > >
      > > > When did I say any of this? Was anything I said above not
      > > true?
      > >
      > > Facts can be true or not and I don't doubt your sources, but
      > > opinions are not.
      > Facts by definition are true.

      Yes ALL facts are true, wheter you heard of them or not, whether you
      want to hear of them or not.

      > > I would like to know who you're thinking of when you
      > > use "we" and "they", "civilisation", and "nihilists". When you
      > > target people, you should use more elaborate concepts
      > > than "absence of enlightment".
      > We and civilisation - the west in general.

      Come on. It isn't about geography. I live in Casablanca way west of
      Don't tell me "the West", "the North", it's simply about "races". We
      never had to read newspapers and maps, Huntington or Pipes to know
      what the stuggle is about. Al we had to do is walk the streets in
      London or Munich to see the hate in the hearts of the "civilized"
      people. What makes usa and europe so united, and not korea or brasil?

      > They and Nihilists - the attackers who I assume to be Islamic
      > militants and those who back them and those, most importantly, who
      > share their ideas. Do you agree that whoever attacked the WTC and
      > Pentagon were nihilists? I say that they are because they did not
      > present any demands and went out with the sole purpose of

      Yes. The people whe attacked the wtc were 19.
      Thousands of people die every year because of war, so don't think
      that the wtc is an apocalypse or the beginning of a new world, for us
      in the thirld world, it's just an ordinary episode and the future
      american bombing of Afghanisatn is also an ordinary episode (already
      seen). This won't change human history since ww2 and why some people
      are "more equal" than others.

      > The enlightenment was the period when the west adopted a
      > in the main, of reason. The dark ages were dominated by the
      > philosophy of Plato - the mystic Greek philosopher and father of
      > omnipotent state. The early Christians, such as Plotinus and
      > Augustine, subscribed to the philosophy of Plato. At this time the
      > Arab world was further advanced as the works of Aristotle, the pro-
      > reason philosopher, were kept there. At the same time, nearly, as
      > Thomas Aquinas reintroduced Aristotle to the west, the muslim
      > did the reverse and adopted a philosophy of mysticism. My boss
      > more about this than I do and this what he told me.
      > Wherever you find mysticism, you find brutality not far away. Look
      > the dark ages (and Falwell and Robertson) and the middle east for
      > proof of that

      Yes but is a mystic or a fondamentalist a criminal? Would you bomb
      the house of M falwell?
      Who is most dangerous? the exentric Mr Jones from Nebaska who
      converts to Islam, or the partygoer tunisian, the christian lebanese,
      the bearded sikh ?

      > > (btw, I read in a recent nytimes article (9/5) that ... "sex
      > > didn't exist in the former USSR" , what's next?)
      > >
      > I'm glad I don't read that paper.
      > > >
      > > > > BTW- Islam is definitely pro free-market (except for
      > > > > economic operations involving interest rates)
      > > >
      > > > Elaborate please. And what do you mean about interest
      > > rates in particular?
      > >
      > > I don't think that OBL, while he was idle during one
      > > afternoon, started studying The Koran, then suddenly
      > > gathered his people and told them "You know what? Islam is
      > > against loans and bonds, and those infidels in the US use
      > > them and we're gonna bomb the WTC so they use only
      > > shares"
      > >
      > And what has this to do with free markets? And isn't Saudi Arabia a
      > dictatorship with Islamic law in place?

      Do you target Saudi Arabi (an ally of the West)?. So once again we
      see it isn't about the poors against the richs, nor about us allies
      against us ennemies, it is simply about a superior race that think
      God gave them the right to rule the world.

      > > As says John Powers in the LAweekly
      > > "They hate us because we don't even know why they hate
      > > us."
      > Explain this one, please.

      All the moroccans are eating hamburgers, watching AllyMcBeal, reading
      yahoonews so we know why we hate America and why we love America, and
      you come to give us lectures on civilisation after watching arab guys
      on camels on CNN during 15 minutes. Very funny indeed.
      Civilisation is the property of all mankind unless you want to split
      it(mankind) in two.
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