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McGuire AFB NJ Ordered to STAND DOWN on 911 Intercepts

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    1.03.02 McGuire AFB NJ Ordered to STAND DOWN on 911 Intercepts by Highest Authority ** Mounting hard evidence of treason at top gov t levels; BushMob terror
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2002
      McGuire AFB NJ Ordered to STAND DOWN on 911 Intercepts by Highest Authority
      ** Mounting hard evidence of treason at top gov't levels; BushMob
      terror reign caving hard

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      Courtesy: Joel Skousen.Com
      Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief

      by Joel Skousen

      In all major conspiratorial events, evidence related to the event
      continues to surface over time, and if the government is involved, it
      demonstrates its collusion by the degree to which it attempts to
      suppress and cover up the emerging evidence. As in the JFK assassination
      and the downing of TWA 800 by a missile, we are beginning to see the
      same pattern of obfuscation, denial, and cover-up by federal agencies in
      the September 11th tragedy--especially by the FBI, the military, and the FAA.

      Some of the biggest questions about the events of 9/11 center around the
      hijacking of the various airliners: how the pilots reacted, and what
      actions the government took via the military to impede the results.
      Pilots have instant access to Air Traffic Control (ATC) with a push of a
      button on the control yoke. In contrast, it takes time for a hijacker to
      take over the cabin and then deal with the pilots who are in a separate
      compartment behind a locked aluminum sliding door. We know, by FAA
      admission, that in each and every case the pilots had time to
      communicate their emergency to ATC. In at least two cases the pilots
      were able to change the transponder code to 7700 for "emergency in
      progress" before the hijackers took control and switched off the
      transponder. The FAA and US military have standing orders and written
      procedures on how to intercept and deal with aircraft hijackings.

      The FAA has said that it alerted military authorities in Colorado at the
      first signs of a hijacking. Yet we know that a few aircraft were
      scrambled and that all others were grounded and prohibited from reacting
      according to standing procedures. One of my subscribers is friends with
      an air traffic controller at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. His friend
      confided to him that "he was on duty at the time of the crashes into the
      towers. They got a phone call in between the first and second 'hit'. His
      superior told him that 'NO take-off's were permitted ... NONE at all.'"
      This was too early to be a direct result of shutting down all flights
      nationwide--which only affected private and commercial flights--not
      military. Here we have evidence of the US military acting in direct
      opposition to national defense--acting on orders from above. These
      orders couldn't have come from Bush, who was engaged at an elementary
      school, so higher military officials were either taking orders from
      someone else at the White House or acting on predetermined orders.

      I find it also very strange that flight data and voice recorders from
      all the 9/11 crashes except Flight 93 (which crashed or was shot down
      over Pennsylvania) have been declared not found, destroyed, or
      unreadable. These declarations are without precedent in aviation
      accident history, and especially preposterous when we consider that the
      FBI claims to have found letters, passports and other fragile documents
      belonging to the supposed Arab hijackers amidst the tons of rubble of
      the WTC--and yet they couldn't find crash hardened data recorders. The
      data and voice recorders are designed to survive both the crash and
      resulting fire and almost always do. Why not this time?

      Now the FBI tells us they will not be releasing the lone cockpit voice
      recorder that survived Flight 93 because "it would be too traumatic for
      the surviving families." What could be more traumatic that what they
      already know? This is just another blatant excuse to withhold even more
      information about the tragedies. There has to be a good reason why the
      FBI refuses to release this voice recorder, and I think it has to do
      with the fact that it may not have been a hijacking at all that took
      down this aircraft.

      It is becoming evident that Flight 93 was shot down by an unmarked white
      jet that was seen intercepting Flight 93 and following it down as it
      crashed. The jet was witnessed in detail by several people on the
      ground. One military witness claims he heard a missile being fired. In
      addition, the main body of the engine of Flight 93 was found miles from
      the main wreckage site, with damage comparable to that which a heat
      seeking missile would do to an airliner. There were also personal
      papers, and articles of clothing from the plane found miles from the
      crash. The government is now saying these were carried up into the air
      by the crash fireball--but no such occurrence has happened in other
      crashes. The existing body of evidence is found at on a website at

      The author of the website doesn't draw any conclusions except that
      Flight 93 didn't go down as the public has been told and that the
      government knows why and isn't telling.

      © 2001 Joel Skousen.Com - All rights reserved.

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