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    Subj: [RMNEWS2] Ritual Sacrifice of Egypt Air Flight 990 Date: 12/08/2001 10:31:55 PM Eastern Standard Time From:    rayelan@mindspring.com (Rayelan)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2001
      Subj: [RMNEWS2] Ritual Sacrifice of Egypt Air Flight 990
      Date: 12/08/2001 10:31:55 PM Eastern Standard Time
      From:    rayelan@... (Rayelan)
      To:    RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS@yahoogroups.com (RMNEWS)

      This was sent to me by the daughter of the Pilot of Egypt Air 990

      Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2001 1:01 AM

      November 10, 1999 7:17 AM
      Ritual Sacrifice of Egypt Air Flight 990

      Thank you Paul for this one.Everyone should read this hence my posting the
      article in its entirety.  Before you, as you read it, dismiss it due to the
      more esoteric aspects they present here, I strongly suggest you read this in
      its entirety as you'll find that they're data and conclusions make far more
      sense technically then what the spin media has been presenting.  I want to
      add to more notes to this tale also.  One, I've known Kent Steadman for
      years and his detail and research are always meticulous and credible from
      credible sources (he's followed HAARP signatures for since its construction)
      and secondly, EMP weaponry has been in operation for years, its most notable
      and infamous exercise was the downing of a Soviet Airliner inthe late
      Seventies which contained 2/3rd's of the Soviet Military HighCommand over
      Siberia, one of the Intelligence Community's record coup's and ranked right
      up there with the Intell coup of the century with the Korean Airliner
      downing.  EMP weaponry, developed by General Electric and others is not Sci
      Fi, but Sci Fact and has been operational for almost two decades by the US. 
      With this in mind, when you finish this article you'll have a far better
      idea of what's going on with this tragedy.  Go to the link itself for the
      original story for the graphics, links to referenced material and actual
      data backing it up.


      Egypt Air logo of Horus the Falcon god.

        The crash of Egypt Air flight 990 out of New York in the early morning
        of October 31st, 1999 has sparked a huge amount of interest and
        in both the general media and in relation to our "November 7th" scenario.
        While the early trend of the news is to point at the thrust reversers as
        most likely culprit, we have uncovered a wealth of information that has
        us to conclude that not only is the situation more complex than the media
        willing to acknowledge, it is also far more ominous for our own
        circumstantial case vis-à-vis the 7th. In fact, the story is so flush with
        symbolic linkages and data anomalies that it may never be satisfactorily
        explained. Much like the case of TWA 800, Egypt Air 990 appears destined
        never to rest fully in peace. Like that storied ghost ship out of New York
        from three summers ago, there are just too many conflicts between what is
        the clear direction of the "official" investigation and the facts.

        Let one of us [Mike Bara] start by relating my own expertise in this
        such as it is. I was employed by Boeing as a structural designer for more
        than 14 years, and worked on every major commercial (and some military)
        vehicle that the company produced, including the 767. I also spent some
        on the 767 engine program in the Power Plant and Strut group. In addition,
        my father worked at Boeing for more than 43 years, much of it spent in
        investigation and more than 20 years in material fire safety. On many
        occasions, he shared with me the results of these crash investigations and
        we had many discussions over the years on the causes of air fatalities and
        their possible prevention. He testified before congress on the subject and
        essentially wrote most of the FAA regulations on fire and materials
        He spent the better part of his adult life trying to make air travel safer
        and crash situations survivable, so I have to admit that my blood boils
        I see airplanes that have clearly been shot out of the sky by a missile
        blamed on "design flaws" by the company he and I once worked for.

        At first glance, the in-flight deployment of one or both of the engine
        thrust reversers seemed a plausible explanation for the data that has been
        released regarding this crash. However, new radar data released by the
        has shown that the plane descended all the way from 33,000 feet to 17,000
        feet, then climbed back up to 24,000 feet before apparently breaking apart
        (due to stresses, it was nearly supersonic at one point) as it attempted
        turn for New York. At that point, the plane suddenly pointed straight down
        again and plunged into the ocean. It was almost as if the hand of God had
        reached out and slapped the plane down, then when it didn't "die" slapped
        down again to finish the job. Almost immediately, government officials
        to impugn the data, despite the fact that it had come from the same Air
        Force team that had investigated TWA-800 and the JFK Jr. crashes.

        What is less clear is just what may have caused this. Thrust reverser
        deployment would not have accounted for this sort of behavior, and in any
        event the thrust reverser problems alluded to in the news reports were
        "fail-safed" (made at least double redundant) years ago. We have
        as to what may have happened but for the moment what is more important to
        is not so much what caused this crash (see below), but just how it
        to occur at the exact date, time and place that it did. That, as we stated
        above, becomes more complex when you examine all the data on the table ...

        As many of you are well aware, we have been somewhat hair triggered lately
        to be on the lookout for any news items relating to "Egypt" --  and
        especially any sort of Egyptian connection to New York City. Besides the
        vagaries of "West Nile Virus" and the "Black Madonna" controversy that we
        reported on in "Will 'X' Mark the Date?," there have been some other
        curiosities in the news lately ...

        There was an additional Egyptian connection to New York City that we did
        allude to in that article due to time constraints. Currently, at the famed
        New York Metropolitan Museum of Art ("The Met") there is a rare exhibit of
        Egyptian "Old Kingdom" artifacts on display outside of Egypt. Combined
        all the other "Egyptian' motif" coming out of New York lately, this only
        added to our suspicions when we heard that an Egyptian airliner -- out of
        New York, no less! -- was suddenly "missing" ... precisely one week prior
        our November 7th "drop dead date."

        We should have known something was up when new stories about TWA 800 began
        to appear in the news last Saturday. These stories sought to further the
        ridiculous notion that this plane simply blew up in midair due to a design
        flaw with the plane (see Bill Donaldson's report). In retrospect, it
        have been obvious that these sudden new "leaks" were calculated to put the
        notion of design problems in the public ear and were prepatory to yet
        another mysterious aviation accident in this region.
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