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Re: Israel terror

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  • nacnud_uk26
    Howdy matey, Okay dokey, fair enough...So you managed to pick up on the only word that I let slip, and that was Childish . Fair enough, I retract that, whole
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 5, 2001
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      Howdy matey,

      Okay dokey, fair enough...So you managed to pick up on the only word
      that I let slip, and that was "Childish". Fair enough, I retract
      that, whole heartedly, and with apologies, SORRY...Really..

      So that still leaves the meat and bones of the email, and the parts
      you call sarcasm? I was not being sarcastic, I just feel that I've
      missed some momentous event...Like the signing over of land to some
      folk from some deity. Maybe it happened, and then again, maybe Adam
      and Eve had two son's Cane and Able and then the rest of us were
      born? Incest? I don't know? Sounds unlikely to me, but I don't know.

      On the part about the current mode of production "sucking big style",
      to paraphrase myself, I don't think you've answered that. You tell me
      that you "pay your taxes, obey the laws and prey for your leaders".
      Well my friend, until YOU realise what part YOU have to play in this
      society, what part you are MADE play in this society, I'd say that
      ALL your paying of taxes and speaking to a deity, will go the way of
      spit in the rain.

      You see, you do all those things, cause that's what you've been told
      to do, from your very inception into this world, you are a model
      citizen, at least as far as THEY [ the ruling class ] are concerned.
      You see, you taking these very actions, means you are not in
      opposition to them, but merely food for them, slaves for their profit
      machine and a result of their propaganda.

      I'm not saying your are unique here, I mean, there are laws that we
      all must abide by and stick to, therefore the SYSTEM works. It just
      so happens that its good to think about the WHY's. You know, stop and
      ask yourself WHY. It's a very small word, but a rather large

      You seem to have found your answer in some form of religious text,
      great. The next life will be heaven, if you behave now. Fabulous. I'm
      just coming from the angle; let make THIS life amazing, the one that
      we can all be sure that we have! ;-)

      I mean, here's a small question for you, one that's more than likely
      to bake your noodle, as some film once said.

      What is MONEY?

      You can tell me what it does, but you can not tell me what it IS!
      Don't you find that amazing? I mean, you live on this planet, you
      know how to use MONEY but you don't actually KNOW what it IS! That,
      to me, is just so bloody amazing, I find it hard to comprehend...Here
      are some of the guesses you may try...

      It's a token.
      It's a thing we all have decided can be traded for goods.
      And the list goes on..

      But what IS it? Do you know? If you do, you'll be one of the few...
      Once you work out what money is, ask yourself;

      What is PROFIT?
      What is the only source of PROFIT?
      Why is my place of work, where it is?
      What is the purpose of my place of work?
      Why was president bush's great, great grandfather Hitlers banker?
      Why is the current American president really, really friendly with
      the Bin-laden family?
      Why did the WTC towers collapse and disintegrate into almost DUST,
      based on "the popular" explanation?

      There are a million different questions, with just one answer, though
      it may not seem it at the time.

      You just have to start thinking, and for me, that means leaving
      doctrine behind, at least doctrine that can not be PROVEN...


      Start THINKING
      WE need YOU!

      PS. On the Iraq thing. The AMERICAN gov got a report, before imposing
      sanctions, that stated "if they don't get chlorine, then they can not
      produce enough clean water and children will die". So what did they
      do in light of this, impose sanctions, and one thing they stopped was
      Chlorine. Interesting thought...

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      >Sent: 05 December 2001 23:21
      >To: Duncan
      >Subject: Hi
      >Hey Dunk
      >I am not offended by your opinions of this nation..
      >Nor have you angered me. I am an average "middle
      >guy. Not into academics but more of a "techie"...I
      >have been blessed with an empathetic nature so I can
      >understand that it is quite possible for someone to
      >have a passion totally opposite of mine!
      >As for God's promise to Moses I guess it's what you
      >want to believe. For example an "eye for an eye"
      >Christ said to do the opposite of that. I feel he
      >did usher in a new dispensation but if we did what the
      >prior administration did and send empty threats what
      >would be the next thing to occur?
      >Now I am capable of sarcasm... I usually reserve that
      >for the ones that take a result of an action and make
      >it a cause. For example the person that claimed the US
      >were destroying Iraqi water supplies thru the
      >sanctions we set against them. How could they have
      >avoided that?
      >I pay my taxes obey the laws and pray for the world
      >leaders...Thats is my reponsibility. Those that abuse
      >power or commit acts of terror will answer for their
      >acts irresponsibilty... All I can say is I am proud to
      >be who I am and where I am from!
      >You seem intelligent but to call someone names like
      >being a child because a statement I made seemed
      >"a little defensive" sounds a bit childish. It is
      >refered to as "name calling", I recall it from grade
      >Take care
      >Do You Yahoo!?
      >Send your FREE holiday greetings online!
    • michad03
      You know, until Hamas is eradicated, either from the inside or by the Israelis, and the Palestinian rebels STOP TARGETING CIVILIAN TARGETS I think we SHOULD be
      Message 2 of 7 , Dec 6, 2001
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        You know, until Hamas is eradicated, either from the inside or by the
        Israelis, and the Palestinian rebels STOP TARGETING CIVILIAN TARGETS I
        think we SHOULD be pouring military aid into Israel. I am sypathetic
        with the Palestinian cause per se, but for God's sake as long as their
        preferred tactic is to bomb malls, buses, schools and hospitals, I
        can't fault the Israelis for attacking them.


        --- In wtcattack@y..., "Duncan" <nacnud@b...> wrote:
        > Good sentiments matey, "total control", you shout...hehe...
        > Do you know that the American gov not only are seen to back Israel in this
        > conflict, but that they PUMP millions of dollars in AID to them each year,
        > with a very high percentage of this AID being deemed as MILITARY aid. That
        > is AID that can only be used to buy MILITARY items, and guess who is the
        > MAJOR if not ONLY supplier of these MILITARY items? Aye, you guessed it, the
        > good old U.S. of A!
        > Wonderful little system, if you're talking about TOTAL control ;-)
        > Start THINKING
        > WE need YOU!
        > PS. And on the WTC, you may want to look through these links.
        > WTC, An alternative view.
        > http://serendipity.magnet.ch/wtc.html
        > Close family ties, of a presidential nature.
        > http://www.worldmessenger.20m.com/messengerevil.html
        > A lot of interesting links to interesting thoughts.
        > http://www.worldmessenger.20m.com/messenger.html
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        > >Message: 2
        > > Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2001 03:44:59 -0000
        > > From: "BobbyB" <bobbyb00799@y...>
        > >Subject: Israel terror
        > >
        > >
        > >Ok lets here how Israel provoked the recent attacks. It's obvious the
        > >same mentallity is behind them. The Palistinians danced in the streets
        > >as they did when WTC was attacked.
        > >
        > >Who in their right minds would continue to promote "statehood" to a
        > >group that cannot be controlled by its leader. He doesn't even have
        > >the power to arrest (and stay alive)!
        > >
        > >The world wants peace someone said in here. Well sieze fires and
        > >peace efforts are thwarted again by fanatics with bombs and guns
        > >destroying innocent lives. This is the same sprirt that attacked the
        > >WTC.
        > >They do not want peace! They want total control!!
      • michad03
        In what way is the bible proof of anything? It is an internally inconsistent collection of writings that probably dates back only to the 8th or 9th century
        Message 3 of 7 , Dec 6, 2001
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          In what way is the bible "proof" of anything? It is an internally
          inconsistent collection of writings that probably dates back only to
          the 8th or 9th century BC. It brings together writings from many
          sources collected over a long period of time, probably brought to a
          somewhat final form around the time of Josiah and/or during or soon
          after the Babylonian exile. Since then it has been copied and
          translated so many times errors are bound to have creeped in. It is in
          no way "proof" of anything.

          I recommend a book that deals with the archaeological evidence for when
          the bible was written and what it represents--"The Bible Unearthed" by
          Finkelstein and Silberman. I have only just started it but it looks


          --- In wtcattack@y..., Rogue753@A... wrote:
          > This land was given to them in biblical times. You want proof, read the books of Numbers and joshua in the Bible.
          > Depression? Please. If i had a dollar for everytime someone predicted a depression in the last 5 years I would be the richest man alive. But have we seen these depressions? No. An act of God is the only thing the could cause another one. Without an invention of a supreme being, there is enough safe guards in the economy to prevent another depression.
          > Ken
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