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  • Hello Scott Maybe try in wsjt program setup then go to adjust rx Volume control . When the recording control windown opens go to options then properties. Put a point in recording and vink only line in and microphone. There should be emptey. now you can go back and select or line in or mic. try this pse. The mk must be on bbb and your radio for wsjt in ssb. 73 Timon pa1t...
    Timon PA1T May 2, 2005
  • Hello All I have a micro keyer from mirco ham and want to use it for wsjt. I am using a ts850 and trv lt2s. When I receive directly form pc to ts850 I have enough audio. When I put my microkeyer between the pc and 850 I can get a maximum of - 11 db. Also I can not get tx audio from my 850 to the pc. Any one using the mk and a 850? Maybe you can help. 73 Timon pa1t
    Timon Kruijer Apr 27, 2005