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  • Hi, > MEPT_JT -- is now available for free download. Is there going to be a Linux version of WSPR available? 73's, Kari
    oh2gqc Mar 14, 2008
  • Hi Joe, As I recall there used to be a null device on Windows called NUL. Perhaps it's not there anymore. I dont'n know. ( Plus, as a devoted Linux user, I dont' care ;). Anyways, the code in runqqq.F90 is surrounded by "#ifdef Win32" .."#else" .. "#endif" -block so that the line I'm referring to is only executed when opsys is better than Win32. At the end of the day this is really...
    oh2gqc Mar 1, 2008
  • Hi Joe, Sorry about nitpicking but shouldn't the line... "iret=system('KVASD_gfortran -q > dev_null')" ...rather be like "iret=system('KVASD_gfortran -q > /dev/null')" ? I guess the purpose is to direct program output to 'bit bucket' instead of a file 'dev_null' BR, Kari, oh2gqc --- In wsjtgroup@^$1, Joe Taylor wrote: > > Hi Andrea, > > I realize that I was not as precise as I...
    oh2gqc Mar 1, 2008
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  • Hi David, When calling 'system' from subroutine runqqq, the syntax used in the call is not compatible with Ubuntu's shell-interpreter /bin/dash. You could try this: Edit file 'runqqq.F90'. Around line 13 it reads "iret=system('./KVASD -q >& /dev/null')" Change this line to read: "iret=system('./KVASD -q 1>/dev/null')" and then recompile. I got WSJT 5.9.7.r385 on Xubuntu working...
    oh2gqc Oct 1, 2007