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  • ...him my QSL cards from GM,HC8N, and 9A4 but in his words those were flukes. As always this is just my $.02 worth... Jacob Tennant K8JWT ----- Original Message ----- From: "ecoblue_divers" To: Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 9:28 AM Subject: [wsjtgroup] Re: ARRL...
    Jacob Tennant Oct 9, 2002
  • Has anyone else tried to use or are presently using any of the available loop antennas for digital operations on 6 meters? If so how was the results? Due to limited mounting options I am looking at trying to use a loop for 6 meter WSJT,JT44,PSK31, and even some SSTV from my home QTH with approx. 150watts output power. Jacob Tennant K8JWT
    Jacob Tennant Oct 1, 2002
  • ...think!! Antenna height will be approx. 20 - 25 feet above the ground with a short 45' run of 9913F to the shack. Jacob Tennant K8JWT
    Jacob Tennant Sep 30, 2002
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  • TEST
    Jacob Tennant Aug 29, 2002
  • I will be active from my car tonight from NOW till around 10PM eastern. Since I don't have internet access from my car email me at 3043191684@^$1 for a try at a QSO on 6 METERS Jake K8JWT 160watts, 3elements at 20', 15db preamp
    Jacob Tennant Aug 28, 2002
  • I just posted the initial try at a web page for my mobile WSJT/JT44 operations at http://www.qsl.net/k8jwt Would like for antone interested top take a look at it to see how it is working plus there is information as to how to...times & grids as soon as I get the plans made. However it will be a small operation of just 3 or 4 grids. Jacob Tennant K8JWT
    Jacob Tennant Aug 25, 2002
  • ...when I only needed 1 so as to have them for "other" future projects. Just thought some of you might be interested... Jacob Tennant K8JWT
    Jacob Tennant Aug 23, 2002
  • ...accept a /M or a /R callsign? Well at least antenna aiming will be easy with either a verticle whip or a horizontal loop. ;-) Jake K8JWT ----- Original Message ----- From: David Michael Gaytko // WD4KPD To: wsjtgroup@^$1 Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 5:44 PM Subject...
    Jacob Tennant Aug 22, 2002
  • ...pass the time...;-) as well as I am a School Bus Driver and have to kill the day from around 9am to 2pm each day. Jacob Tennant K8JWT ----- Original Message ----- From: Rex Moncur To: wsjtgroup@^$1 Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 2002 5:45 PM Subject: Re: [wsjtgroup...
    Jacob Tennant Aug 13, 2002
  • Hello from Jake Tennant K8JWT/mobile. From the call you can probably tell that due to a crappy home location, I am now 100% mobile operation. Looking for any...during long haul skeds whereas I have a base for a beam from my rover station setup. Any ideas for anything else... Jacob Tennant K8JWT
    Jacob Tennant Aug 13, 2002