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  • ...needs with everyone’s cooperation and assistance. Thanks again Sebastian for stepping up to the challenge. Good luck to all . . . WA5UFH Tip
    Randy Tipton Sep 14, 2012
  • Jim, the temporary website is http://my.ykc.com/wa5ufh/ You should fine all the information relating to Random Hour on the "old" and now temporary location. Dennis will soon be announcing the new website for the wsjtgroup. I am the original site owner and my ISP has relocated the webpages to this new url. GL Tip WA5UFH -----Original Message----- From: wsjtgroup@^$1 [mailto:wsjtgroup@^$2] On Behalf Of Jim Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2012 9:15 AM To...
    Randy Tipton Jun 24, 2012
  • ...Until Dennis takes over the group homepage you can find all the old pages at http://my.ykc.com/wa5ufh/ This move was the choice of my ISP and was necessary according to them. This is temporary until...local start times see info below:, 6/16/2012, 7:00 am I can not access the http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/ page. Has it moved? 73, Larry KB5HMU VHF & UHF Enthusiast kb5hmu@^$4 Get the latest Grid Activation...
    Randy Tipton Jun 16, 2012
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  • ...you're looking for. I believe we worked several times from your rover in the past. I am qrt now but enjoyed working you. GL Tip WA5UFH -----Original Message----- From: wsjtgroup@^$1 [mailto:wsjtgroup@^$2] On Behalf Of kb5hmu Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012 3:52 PM To...
    Randy Tipton May 4, 2012
  • Rx from Ben Hall WY4D and forwarded for your information. Tip WA5UFH -----Original Message----- From: Ben Hall [mailto:wy4d@^$1] Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 9:38 AM To: wa5ufh@^$2 Subject: RH Report Heard W3ZUP,W9JJ and KD9NH on Six Meters. Nothing on 2 meters. Just getting back into MS. I seem to have the receive side working. Now I have to find my RF problem on transmit... 73 Ben WY4D FM07ai
    Randy Tipton Mar 26, 2012
  • Scott, thanks for restoring the file for the group. Keep up the good work! thanks Tip Wa5ufh From: Scott Neader KA9FOX [mailto:ka9fox@^$1] Sent: Friday, December 23, 2011 6:05 PM To...work. 73 & Merry Christmas - Scott KA9FOX On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 6:00 PM, Randy Tipton < wa5ufh@^$2 > wrote: Hello to all . . . Thanks to W4AS for pointing out the link at the top of PJ...
    Randy Tipton Dec 23, 2011
  • ...pointing out the link at the top of PJ was not working. (Etiquette Document) The link was on the QSL Server at qsl.net/wa5ufh/DOS/Etiquette.htm. I was cleaning up those folders and deleted it having forgotten about it being linked from the...is doing well, I know we are. Wishing all a Happy Holiday Season! Oh, anyone needing a spare rotor contact me. Tip WA5UFH Wa5ufh@^$1
    Randy Tipton Dec 23, 2011
  • ...to its original glory. Just wanted to make those comments after reading your announcement. Thanks Dave and good luck to all. tip wa5ufh -----Original Message----- From: wsjtgroup@^$1 [mailto:wsjtgroup@^$2] On Behalf Of David R. Hassall Sent: Wednesday, September...
    Randy Tipton Sep 28, 2011
  • As you know Dennis, K7BV, will be taking over the WSJTGROUP WebPages but until that happens continue to send your updates for the "Standings" to wa5ufh@^$1 . I received updates today from W5WVO who now has 287 grids worked for the Century Grid Award on six meters and 84,905 miles for the Super Seven MS Award. WTG Bill ! thanks ... tip wa5ufh
    Randy Tipton Aug 19, 2011
  • ...critiqued and submitted information for the WebPages, especially Bruce N5SIX who was onboard with me from the start. thanks tip wa5ufh One other note, if you have not looked at my equipment sale please do at: http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/images/wa5ufhqrtsale.htm
    Randy Tipton Jul 6, 2011